A Suburban Home in Modern Design with Unique Mirrored Staircase

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A focal point is a must in any décor. It is the way to attract everyone entering the house while also being the center of the décor. So it is important to set the focal point first before dealing with the rest of the décor when dealing with interior decoration. Well, regarding the idea of using unique focal point in interior décor, there is a house in Toronto with a mirrored staircase as its focal point of the décor. The house is called Kaleidoscope House in which Paul Raff Studio designed it. The mirrored staircase is the main attraction of the entire décor of the house.

The main idea of Paul Raff Studio when creating the mirrored staircase is to catch and then reflect lights are entering the house. Surely it is a smart way of making the interior more spacious. Furthermore, there is the more technical purpose in which it contributes to a complex three-dimensional spatial play out of various views within the interior décor of the house. The kaleidoscopic effect is created by the piece in which that effect is used as the name of the house. The mirrored panels cover one side of the balustrades creating continuous light reflection all over the three floors of the house.

The dining room as the first area to see upon entering has walnut floors. Furthermore next to it is the living room and the kitchen in Loire limestone flooring to reflect sunlight. The floor plan is in open layout which is crucial to maximizing the flow inside the house. Glazed walls at the back are the key features in allowing sunlight to penetrate all the way to the front section of the house.

Within the basement area there ate playroom, office, and sauna. Meanwhile, right above the ground floor, there is a master bedroom, two bedrooms for the kids, a guest bedroom as well as two additional bedrooms surrounded by the mirrored staircase. The high ceiling of the house along with white walls deliver the airy feeling all over the interior space. It is a perfect combination along with the natural light from the glazed walls. Zinc is incorporated by Paul Raff Studio to cover the exterior walls along with some square windows. Overall this so-called Kaleidoscope House is a beautiful one both indoor and outdoor. The idea of having mirrored staircase is surely an interesting one to adopt in modern décor.

Greeneries Concrete Pathway Zinc Exterior Wall Covers Trees Modern Cube House Design

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