A Stunning Gallery House Preserving Historical Elements

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Renovating an old building is a common thing today so that it will be able to suit the needs of modern life of homeowners today. It could be a great idea to preserve some of the original features and elements of a building to avoid eliminating such historical aspects of the building itself. Thus today it is possible to find a rather vintage looking residential house with modern elements in its interior. Furthermore, many aspects can be preserved or even repurposed for different matters upon a renovation of the old building.

An example of such thing is a Gallery House finished by Carles Enrich in term of its renovation. The building was originated from the early period of the 20th century in the form of an apartment. The clever architect who has its base of operation in Barcelona has been so keen on creating a modern house without having to eliminate all of its historical elements. The result is decent décor in a modern style that is well suited for the Mediterranean climate of the area.

The building is designed to be a gallery that has a connection right away to the street from its inner courtyard. there is a music studio in it that was previously a storage space. There is a patio in which it acts as a central circulation space within the entire plan of the house. There are many colorful tiles as well as bricks out of the old building. Those things are repurposed to be in other areas of the house today. The idea of doing such thing is to preserve some of the original elements of the building. Furthermore, it is considered a smart way to mix modern and historical elements in one décor.

The main space within this house can be identified by just looking at the load walls. The view of both the street and the inner courtyard can be enjoyed from different rooms within the house. It makes the boundaries of the interior and exterior spaces are rather blurry. Certain techniques have been incorporated by Carles Enrich within the renovation of this house to ensure that the temperature inside the house will be comfortable throughout the year. There is even a system to collect and control rainwater so that it will be able to be used in irrigation for the pergola featuring jasmine and vine delivering fresh appeal.

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