A Small Tree House Residence with just what it needs

Wooden Ceiling Wooden Wall White Bed Wall Lamps Metal Black Railing Mezzanine Level Bedroom

A well-decorated tree house can be so beautiful as well as functional at the same moment. There have been lots of projects regarding tree house that turned out to be awesome at the end. A tree house can always be decorated and treated just the same as a normal house. Any possible layout can be incorporated to maximize the needs of everyone living in the tree house. That can still be done without even compromising the aesthetic aspect of the décor to look edgy and modern at the same time. Well in Hong Kong there is a decent tree house in its mini-state with just everything it needs.

The so-called Mini Treehouse Residence in Hong Kong was just renovated by NCDA to get the better of it in many aspects. It was only having the conventional layout and floor plan. Within the renovation, it was all altered by NCDA to maximize the practicality of the house itself which is highly important for a residential house like this one. Space is just 34 square meters with the internal structure of wall has been removed to create an open space. That is a start to get the better use of the limited space of this house for sure.

The bedroom was moved to the upper floor area called mezzanine level in just the right measurement as needed by its owner. The living area is in its open plan floor design white the kitchen has its 10-foot high ceiling. There is a small lounge alongside a dining room within the open living area. Those are all the crucial elements of any interior which can all be found in this tree house.

Furthermore, the color scheme of the interior is considerably natural with lots of natural wood finishes there. There are navy painted walls alongside different shades of wooden finishes in certain places of the interior. Sliding doors have used that lead to a small wooden terrace to reduce the space needed when opening the doors. It has glass balcony that can be the spot to enjoy the view of the surrounding forest. One interesting spot is the mezzanine level functioning as a bedroom. Space is only four square meters with a bed and a shelf. It is enough though to sleep and even enjoy some books before sleeping. This mini tree house has been designed to provide just what its own needs.

Flowers Black Square Storage Unit Wooden Ladder Upper Floor Access Wooden Floor Wooden Sideboard Metal Dining Chairs Wooden Dining Table Decorative Items

Books Grey Sofa Black Framed Wall Art Glazed Walls Floor Lamp Flowers Triangular Pattern Wooden Mezzanine Level Wall Wooden Dining Table Wooden Chairs Wooden Sideboard Flat Screen Tv

Wooden Ceiling Wooden Wall White Bed Wall Lamps Metal Black Railing Mezzanine Level Bedroom

Navy Painted Walls Natural Finish Wooden Floor Geometrical Mezzanine Level Wall Wooden Desk Metal Chairs Wooden Sideboard Decorative Items

Black And White Dog Grey Sofa Plain Black Framed Wall Art Flowers Square Marble Top Coffee Table Glazed Walls Stainless Steel Kitchen Island Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Black Mizer Wooden Stool Black

Large Flat Screen Tv Grey Sofa Wooden Floor Square Marble Top Coffee Table Wooden Dining Table Plain Black Framed Wall Artwork Flowers Glazed Walls Wooden Ceiling Upper Level Bedroom

Wooden Ladder Access Wooden Floor Wooden Desk Metal Chairs Wooden Sideboard Decorative Items Geometrical Pattern Mezzanine Level Wall

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