A Roman Apartment for Two Purposes

A White Vanity With Mirror Beside A Shower Area With Glass Partition

Helo pals! In this great time, I would like to talk about an inspiring apartment which will amaze you. This unique hybrid space is located in the center of Rome. This building provides a dual purposes, as a co-working space and a 130-square meter apartment. The BrainFactory may have been regarded as a workshop of ideas and creativity, but the designers have made it so much more. The presence of High quality craftsmanship, impeccably designed furnishings from major brands, and an open, functional flow pattern make this building of a home and a workspace turn into one fabulous light-filled space.

Let’s have a little tour! The entryway is lined with birch trees strung with lengths of mini-lights that float among the branches. The tress come along a wall of frosted glass which is from floor to the ceiling. It covers the kitchen while letting the light to filter through in both directions. Beyond the tree –lined entryway, you will find the conference area which can be used also as a dining room. This space is proper enough to provide areas for both purposes. This space is looked outstanding because of a wonderful live edge table.

Now, let’s have a look at the living area. In this kind of space, you will find a lot of great ornaments including the small inset shelving on the side wall. The central divide features another television from this side, along with a built-in cabinets for hiding electronic components and other necessities.

Kitchen is always important space in a dwelling. In this building, the kitchen is built in a separate space. It is separated from the main area by the wall of cupboards as well as the frosted glass partition that separate the entryway from the kitchen. The look of the kitchen is modern. The cabinetry which are chosen bring very sleek feel to the space. It is devoid of exterior hardware.

Move to the bedroom. The bedroom is quite surprising because it features a bathtub at the window of this space. This is not a bad idea since you can get amazing views of Rome while you are taking a bath. Nestled in a window alcove that is bordered by two plant-covered walls, the bathtub’s placement is a contemporary reinterpretation of an ancient concept of utilizing space.

The working and living space feature plenty of storage in an oversized walk-in closet. Central track lighting provides illumination and a well-designed layout that has room for clothing, accessories, and much more. At one end, there is a solid door, and the other end there is frosted glass door as a way for natural light to come through.

A White Kitchen Island In A Room With Wooden Ceiling

A White Bed In A Bedroom With Wooden Touch On A Part Of The Marble Wall

Some Glasses In Some Parts Of Marble Walls In The Area With Washing Machine

A Tree Facing A White Sink In An Area With Marble Walls And Wooden Floor

An Entryway Is Lined With Trees

A White Bed In A Bedroom With Wooden Wall On A Part Of The Marble Wall Beside An Area With White Bathtub

A Wooden Table With Some Black Chairs And Attractive Pendant Lamps Over It In A Room With Marble Walls

A Tree Facing A White Sink In An Area With Marble Walls And Wooden Floor Near A Shower Area With Glass Partition

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