A Restored French Chateau Finished with Modern Furniture and Chic Appeal

Wicker Comfy Chair Stone Tile Flooring Wooden Ceilings Wooden Stairs

Restoring old building is always a fun thing to do. Some original features may often be kept to bring it back to the old times while also creating a unique appeal of the décor. There is a newly renovated old chateau that looks just amazing. It has been given modern flairs by using modern furniture along the way of some restored original features inside. The renovation is a great house owned by Matthieu Cussac and Pierre Yovanovitch. The restoration takes up to three years in which the result is totally awesome as well as highly inspiring in many aspects.

Cool designer items can be found inside the interior to add chic flair inside the décor. Overall this restored French chateau is a modern looking living space now with just a bit of its classical elements. The mix of the old and the new inside the house is just like nothing else. The fact that the owners are designer means that the house should be nicely decorated with the unique finish. The original elements include wooden beams on the ceiling along with the stone arched entrance ways as well as vaulted ceilings design.

The living room as the central living space has its fireplace restored to be the jaw-dropping focal point of the décor. It is finished in completely soft and neutral tones that bring coziness into the living room. The chairs and sofa are in a unique shape to complete the look of the space alongside wooden beams and stone flooring. That combination is nothing but stylish which is highly enjoyable and inspiring.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom of this house offers a really peaceful tone of white in which its window sill is set as a seating. The entire furniture is in modern style along with large bed finished in dark shade of wood. The bedside table is in the dark finish as well. Furthermore, there is a simple wooden dining table in the dining space along with unique pendant as the main piece of decoration there. This space can easily be opened to the outdoor area since it has French framed doors to connect them. Overall this newly renovated house displays a great deal of mixture between the old and the new. It is highly enjoyable in any space inside while also being pretty inspirational in term of the way that it is finished.

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Wicker Comfy Chair Stone Tile Flooring Wooden Ceilings Wooden Stairs

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