A Perfect Combination of Modern and Mid-Century Style Decoration

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Combining two styles of decoration within a single interior space is a common thing that many homeowners have tried to do nowadays. Obviously, the main idea behind such thing is to create a decent uniqueness of the overall appeal of the space. An example of different styles that can be combined quite well is modern style and mid-century style. Recently the Studio William Hefner has just finished a build of a nice looking house featuring the traditional look of mid-century style along with sleekness look of modern style. The fact that the owner of the house is an art collector affects the look of the interior of the house. There are collections of wall art pieces to be seen inside the house aside from many interesting features of the decoration.

The house itself is what is called Trousdale Estate with walls enough to hang a large piece of art from the owner of the house. There is an entrance hall with tall white walls, and narrow skylight in which it becomes the heart of the house with all of the art pieces can be seen there as the main attraction to enjoy.

The house has only one level with the rest of the interior space is well arranged around the entrance hall itself. The living room and dining room is in an open-plan space just behind the hall. There are wings on both sides of the hall with one side of the wing offers bedrooms. A nice feature at the back of the house is the sliding glass door that provides the beautiful view of the city. There is a large glazed section at the back that opens up right into the backyard garden area with a swimming pool as well as outdoor dining space.

Meanwhile, the bedroom section has a well-decorated master bedroom. It is connected to a kind of terrace with glass balustrades as its opening towards the terrace. There is a specific volume right at the front of the house that faces the courtyard for a decent view. The idea to get to the outdoor space easily can be found all over this house. In term of the color scheme, the house is finished in the white paint just to make sure that there will be no heat problem in the future. Overall, the house itself is as beautiful as the art pieces collection of its owner displayed inside the entrance hall of it.

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Wooden Ceiling Small Ponds Greeneries Trees Stone Clad Wall Cover

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