A Pendant Lamp in Highly Industrial Style Named Quattro

Quattro Pendant Light Black Mdf Body Finish Orange Accents Metal Grills And Handles Decorative Plant Dog Sculp White Top Desk Black Chair Concrete Wall

Industrial appeal of interior décor has its fans for sure. There are many items of furniture as well as interior decoration in an industrial style that can be purchased today. That fact signifies the need for industrial style items that more and more people prefer to have in their personal spaces. It is true that lighting fixture is one of many items with lots of variations to choose. Wall sconce, ceiling light, hanging bulb, chandelier, floor lamp and table lamp will all be available to choose according to the needs of the lighting of certain spaces. There is a decent pendant lamp in its industrial style that looks and performs well called Quattro.

Those who want to have a kind of masculine flair in their personal spaces as well as incorporating industrial appeal at the same time can consider using this Quattro pendant lamp. It is a great piece of pendant lamp that will enhance any interior of today regardless of the style of the decoration. This so-called Quattro pendant lamp is the latest design of Studio Beam. It is included in the lux D-light collection of that studio with a bit of industrial appeal. It can easily fit into any space including kitchen, workspace, dining area and of course living room.

It is made of MDF for the entire body while the grills are made of metal. It has two handles made of metal as well. The basic look can be considered as industrial style with metal grills alongside its long body functioning as the lampshade and housing. Furthermore, the combination of colors can surely be selected accordingly. It is offered in black, grey, orange as well as purple with a different combination of the colors. The body will have a color, and the grills alongside the handles will be in another color.

A high power powers it LED that is capable of giving either an upward or downward lighting as needed. Furthermore, the illumination out of the Led can be adjusted to match the space where it is placed. It can be as bright as needed to be primary lighting while it can also be in dimming state when needed. So in the end, this so-called Quattro pendant lamp is a nice option for a lighting fixture which will perform well as a lighting fixture as well as a decorative element of any interior décor today.

Quattro Pendant Light In Purple Finish Mdf Body White Finished Metal Grills And Haandles Potted Plants White Desk Concrete Wall

Quattro Pendant Light Black Mdf Body Finish Orange Accents Metal Grills And Handles Decorative Plant Dog Sculp White Top Desk Black Chair Concrete Wall

Quattro Pendant Light Burnt Orange Finish Mdf Body Grey Metal Grills And Handles Burnt Orange Wooden Bench Top White Wall Decorative Accents Concrete Wall Potted Plant

Quattro Pendant Light Black Finish Mdf Body Prange Painted Metal Grills And Handles Conrete Wall

Quattro Pendant Light In Black Finish Mdf Body Metal Grills And Handles Finished In Orange Concrete Wall Sculptural Decorative Items

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