A Multifunctional Furniture Item for Urban Living by Andrea Pallares

Nook Sofa Bed Side Table White Frames Yellow Upholstered Cushion Blue Cover Laptop

More urban dwellers have the attention to multifunctional goods to help them complete their daily routine. It is pretty common with respect to the popular living style of today that people love to have multifunctional items. In fact, the idea of owning and using such items is that there will be no need for a large space to have them. Briefly, a multifunctional item will provide two functions with just one item size, right? A designer has recently designed and created a decent looking multifunctional piece of an item called Nook. Well, what is this thing actually?

The so-called Nook is actually a sofa and a bed in one item. Andrea Pallares is the designer who has been so creative in creating the design of this item called Nook. It has a modern appeal all over it which is the perfect solution for those who have a problem with tight living space in today’s modern world. Thus the increasing cost of living along with the limited living space will not be so hard to deal with anymore with the use of a multifunctional item as this Nook. One decent thing about this item is that it will not really cost a fortune to buy in which it will deliver a great deal of addition to the decorative aspect of any interior space aside of its main function.

It can be said that Nook will easily adapt to the needs of its owner and user throughout the day in form of a sofa and a bed. There is no need to move to a different place in order to use this Nook in different ways. This item has a bespoke bed frame along with a pillow and duvet covers which can be functioned as an armrest and a backrest. There are three upholstered cushions as well that served their function as space dividers.

The transformation matter of this furniture item is really easy that makes it a perfect item for any occasion. This item offers a flat surface on it that can be functioned as either a side table or a working desk. It means that this item is a really nice one to transform an individual living space to a cozy social spot for more people. Nook is not just another modern looking furniture item since it has its own qualities that no other items can possibly offer.

Nook Sofa Bed Books Yellow Upholstered Cushions Blue Cover

Nook Sofa Bed Yellow Upholstered Cushion

Nook Sofa Bed Yellow Upholstered Cushions Blue Cover

Nook Sofa Bed White Frames Yellow Upholstered Cushions Navy Pillow And Mattress Blue Cover

Nook Sofa Bed Side Table White Frames Yellow Upholstered Cushion Blue Cover Laptop

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