A Mountain House in Modern Design to Blend with Remote Site of Mantiqueira of Brazil

Red Hearth Black Chimney Wooden Round Table Wooden Chairs Square Stools Concrete Kitchen Island Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Glazed Walls Firewoods Trees Manicured Lawn

Having a mountain home in a long distance away from cities with everything in it could be a dream for some people. It can really be utilized to be an escape from those crowded cities. This one is a well-designed mountain house to be a true inspiration for any homeowners with the idea to create one just like it. The idea of the house is to actually blend with the surrounding landscape of a really remote area in Mantiqueira Mountains of Brazil. Despite that idea, the décor of the house is nothing but modern since that is a trend today.

The tranquility of the area where this house is located can be said to be the ultimate enjoyment while staying in this house. The idea to blend well with the surrounding is to respect the nature in which that is an important matter. The house has its design done cleverly so that the site is maximized without compromising the idea of getting closer to nature in many ways. Overall the interior décor is nothing but modern appeal all over it. Concrete and natural wood can be seen all over the décor with natural colors to bring the focus into the landscaping around the house. Glazed walls are the key elements that are there to really eliminate any visible boundaries of the indoor and the outdoor areas.

This house has more than one level in which the ground floor is the one meant to blend with the landscape of its surrounding really. Thus the ground level has concrete walls meanwhile the upper-level gas concrete pillars alongside the metallic structure. It is placed in a perpendicular state to the ground level forming a wagon-like structure. The windows are in full-height along with glass walls to get the best possible view of the Mother Nature on the spot.

There is even a kind of interior courtyard within the house with that idea of seamless transition between indoor and outdoor in mind. There is a pool as well in one area of the house. Even the bedroom area is connected to a patio while more regions are incorporating that same idea of being seamless in moving away from the inside to the outside and vice versa. In the end, it is true that every space of this mountain house is connected to the landscape in one way or another so that the idea to blend with the surrounding has been done cleverly and adequately.

Central Staircase Glazed Walls Upper Outdoor Patios Wooden Bench Wooden Chairs Wooden Oval Table Kitchen Island Wooden Stools Grey Sofas Floor Lamp Warm Light

Exterior Pool Wooden Deck Metal Railing Trees Greenery

Concrete Ground Level Walls Glass Windows Accent Greenery Trees Wooden Exterior Upper Level Wall Covering Glazed Walls

Wooden Flooring Wooden Walls And Ceiling Creamy Bedding Glazed Walls And Door Upper Outdoor Patio Metal Chair Black Surface Finish Trees

Red Hearth Black Chimney Wooden Round Table Wooden Chairs Square Stools Concrete Kitchen Island Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Glazed Walls Firewoods Trees Manicured Lawn

Glazed Walls Wooden Flooring Grey Sofas Concrete Fireplace Wooden Square Coffee Table Wooden Chairs Small Accent Pillows Trees Manicured Lawn Textural Rug

Thick Forest Outdoor Pool Wooden Deck Metal Railing Glazed Walls

Outdoor Patio Wooden Deck Metal Bridge With Ladders Above The House Thix Trees Manicured Lawn

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