A Modern Looking Treehouse under a Huge Tree

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Getting closer to nature is a somewhat popular idea in interior décor and house design today. Even if the location is not that far from a residential house area, as long as the main idea is closely related to nature then it is okay. Well, there is an example of that building as designed by Phorm Architecture + Design. A treehouse called Taringa Treehouse is built under a large tree which is pretty much detached from the residential house. It is precisely located in the backyard of a property in Queensland city without the real connection to the main house. It can be said to be an easy escape to get the enjoyment of natural aspects within the surrounding.

The treehouse has a unique wedge-shaped structure that has its narrowest side right at the direction of the main house. Meanwhile, the broadest side has its direction towards the neighboring areas. It is a two-story building with a ground floor patio made of wooden deck flooring. It features a metallic cladding as well on one side of the building while the other side has weatherboard. It is harmoniously placed under a large tree to avoid being so stand out within the area.

There are three different areas of the house. One space is intended to be a kind of sports area with its other side as an informal lounge and living space. Meanwhile, on the second level of the house, it offers a home office alongside a bedroom with its bathroom. Certainly, those are basic needs of living space. Main activities of the owner can all be done there certainly.

In term of the interior décor, wood is the main material all over the house. Aside from the natural wooden tone of the interior, there are walls in glossy grey which look just like concrete finish. It looks nice in combination with wood and grey tone. Beanbag and sofa can be seen on the first floor. Meanwhile, the upper level of the house has wooden shelves and table and extensive glazing to get the view of the surrounding. The bedroom is so comfy with just the perfect size to have a good rest. It is a decent example of a nicely designed house with a close relationship to the natural surrounding despite the fact that it has modern style décor inside.

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Wooden Exterior Terrace Large Windows Large Tree Greeneries Green Grass Wedge Shaped Design Taringa Treehouse

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Large Windows Wooden Chair Wooden Floor Built In Office Desk Laptop Books Floating Shelf Wooden Ceiling Beams

Taringa Treehouse Green Grass Trees Greeneries Wedge Shaped Building Wooden Floor Large Windows Open Floor Design

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