A Modern Home with Industrial Touches and Pet-Friendly Features

Metal Black Staircase Frame Base Grey Corner Sofa Round Wood Table Large Flat Screen Tv Firewoods Wood Beams Wall Lamps Corner Fireplace

Living space for human will always be different from that sanctuary for small animals. Well, even pets will need certain conditions to be able to be comfortable in a living space or a house of human. Thus it is true that there are some items related to home furnishing that could provide a better environment for pets. Even in designing and decorating an interior space, that ode of creating a pet-friendly environment could be incorporated. There is a house renovated by TSEH Architectural Group that features pet-friendly aspects all around its modern décor with just a bit of industrial flairs around it.

The outcome of such those ideas in decorating this house is a highly practical interior out of an abandoned one. Away from the fact that its previous owner abandoned it, the new version of this house is really bright, cozy, and inviting. Both pets and its owners will love to stay and enjoy many features of this house today. The living space has a double-height ceiling as a result of the removal of the attic. It is grouped with the kitchen and dining area in a nicely designed open floor plan. It features a large dining table at the center with a comfortable furnishing to be seen mostly. A gray sofa is there as well along with a large TV and storage of firewood for the functional fireplace there right ion the corner of the space. Moving into the dining space there is nothing but the simplicity of design to enjoy at the highest level. The table is enough for six people with visible grain wood material of it. The classical looking chairs are in light blue and mustard yellow for a few color splashes on it.

Furthermore, the bedroom of this house is a large one with a kind of open space characteristic. The flooring is made of concrete in its polished state to give a better appeal of it. It is pretty much the same as the living space though in term of the flooring material. It has a big robust bed that looks pretty comfortable and cozy at the same time. In term of the pet-friendly features, there is one of them in the form of grill floor. It is intended to ensure that the dogs can wash their paws easily and mess-free. Overall the renovation has been a decent project that really alters the look of this previously abandoned house into a lovely modern one.

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Metal Black Staircase Frame Base Grey Corner Sofa Round Wood Table Large Flat Screen Tv Firewoods Wood Beams Wall Lamps Corner Fireplace

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