A Mirror and A Pendant in One Piece of Item Called Oblio

Oblio By Gio Tirotto Black Finished Arched Metal Brace Mirrored Glass Disk Led Lights Pendant Lamp Style

There are many modern pieces of furniture combine several different functions. Basically, the idea is to create a piece of furniture that can be delivering different purposes in just one form. It is needed to deal with the fact that today’s living places are getting tighter and tighter. Almost any function can be combined to form a unique piece of furniture item in that high level of functionality. An example of such item is the one called Oblio by Gio Tirotto for the Secondome Gallery.

This item known as Oblio is a combination of a pendant lamp and a mirror in one form. Clearly, it is a clever design of item that could serve both of those functions without having to worry about the space available for the item. One more thing is the fact that its design can really boost the look of any space where it is placed as well. A modern space with minimalist décor will really get the benefit of using this item in the interior. Gio Tirotto designed this item carefully to look really nice while also being able to deliver more than one function at once. This crossover piece is definitely a must for any modern space.

Obviously, the idea has been translated into a real piece of art and design put together nicely and seamlessly. It functions really like both a mirror and a pendant lamp. It features an arched brace that is actually holding the mirrored disk embedded with LED lights around it. The disk itself comes with a pivoting mechanism so that it can be moved to different angles in the purpose of changing its functions and it looks instantly. It has been mentioned earlier on that this piece is created for Secondome Gallery. It means that it really is a piece of art.

Furthermore, when added to any interior space it can be placed in almost any corner of interior space. An entryway can get the beauty of this piece in no time paired with a nice looking sideboard or console table. Otherwise, it could be a decent piece to be added to a small bedroom since it will all be needed in term of its function as a lighting fixture and as a mirror. Clearly, this so-called Oblio as a combination of a mirror and a pendant lamp is a clever piece of the lighting fixture to buy today.

Oblio By Gio Tirotto Pendant Style Black Arched Metal Frame Mirrored Glass Disk Led Lights Pivoting Mechanism

Oblio By Tio Girotto Mirror Function Black Arched Metal Frame Small Dog Sculp

Oblio By Gio Tirotto Pendant Lamp Black Finished Metal Arched Frame Circular Glass Disc Led Lights

Oblio By Gio Tirotto Mirrored Glass Disk Black Finished Metal Arched Frame Pivoting Mechanism

Oblio By Gio Tirotto Black Finished Arched Metal Brace Mirrored Glass Disk Led Lights Pendant Lamp Style

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