A House on A Forested Site Displays Traditional Woodshed Look

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Going classic or even traditional is somewhat favorite today in term of designing and building a house. Many aspects can be chosen to look classic at the end. A home done by Birdseye Design in a forested site is incorporating the look of the proverbial woodshed. Its exterior is entirely clad with weathered Douglas fir to boost that traditional appeal. Well, the so-called Woodshed project has been done correctly by Birdseye Studio in the northern area of Vermont with such outstanding look of the finished building.

At a glance, it can be seen that this house has two volumes topped with asymmetrical gabled style roofs. A central entry vestibule is connecting the two sizes of this house in which it opens to a kind of terrace. The use of repurposed Douglas fir is accompanied by some pine boards on the exterior wall to help to achieve just the right look of such traditional woodshed. He boards were previously used as horse corrals and snow fencing in which the so-called used look is one thing to get by using those boards.

In the west section of the house, the road below can be seen. Thus there is a continuous wooden façade that evokes the so-called scrim wall of proverbial woodshed to provide privacy. Light and shadow in a beautiful interplay can be enjoyed there as a result of several layers of the board within that section of façade. Meanwhile, the eastern side of the house is elevated towards a hillside so that not much privacy needed like the opposite side. Wood siding and glass create a perfect mix that provides just the right view of the landscape to enjoy. Stone terrace just outside the building can be seen from this part of the house as well with a fire pit as the final feature of it.

Guest quarters can be found in the southern section of this traditional woodshed style building. There are three bedrooms along with a kitchen and a living room in that particular section. The northern part is home to the so-called entertainment system with a bar, a game room, a lounge and a lovely fireplace facing two directions. Massive glass walls are there to maximize the exposure of the interior of this building to the hillside in the eastern side of the house. Overall the interior looks rustic with the use of distressed wood to cover the entire area.

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Weathered Wood Exterior Wall Finish Glazed Walls Black Frame Warm Interior Lights Grey Outdoor Furniture Set Manicured Lawn Trees

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