A Home Office in Monochrome Décor Stuffed with IKEA Items

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Decorating an office is a simple task that focuses on functions. The appeal of the décor should be given consideration as well in making sure that the working area is comfortable when working for a long time. When an office or a working nook is not well-decorated and well-organized, it will deliver uncomfortable feel when working. The result could be so wrong in term of the outcome of the work there. It is not a surprise that IKEA has many items related to interior decoration as well as office decorating matter. So, it is possible to fill an office area with IKEA items for the best appeal and function.

Finding just the right items from IKEA for any home office is not that hard. Lots of things can be incorporated into any home office to maximize its function, comfort, and appeal. There are even some people who decorate their home office with all items from IKEA. There is an example of an office owned by a Swedish couple. The home office is fully functional, highly comfortable and beautiful. The start of the decorating was to go for a monochrome color scheme of black and white so that the home office area is within the decoration style of the entire living flat.

The home office features only a straightforward design line focusing on IKEA items. Within the working area, there is the BESTA of IKEA as a storage solution. In term of the seating, this home office has the KULLABERG chair to ensure a high level of comfort when working for long hours. The desk lamp on the table is TERTIAL lamp in its classic appeal to accentuate the décor in a somewhat retro flair instantly. Aside from those IKEA items, there is a beautiful looking bench countertop alongside BESTA storage.

Furthermore, there are several more items of IKEA to find within the space. EKBACKEN countertop offers just enough working space within the home office despite the fact that it is designed for a kitchen initially. SUNRESTA series as a toolbar along with BOTKYRKA shelf on the wall delivers all the needed helps out of several tools. The couple is so satisfied by the decoration and the organization of their home office with the most use of IKEA items. This monochromatic home office with IKEA items is a beautiful place to work at home.

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Framed Decorative Pictures Thick Books Black Cabinet Scissor

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