A Cool Apartment in Monochrome Finish and a bit of Glam Accents

Metal White Chairs Wooden Small Table White Floating Shelves Black And White Framed Photographs Large Black Shade Table Lamp

Surprisingly a monochromatic color scheme can be combined alongside glam accents. The result of that particular combination is definitely a decent looking interior decoration of a Scandinavian apartment. It looks glamorous in some corners while also cool and unique with the addition of some antique finds. The apartment belongs to a fashionista, writer, and photographer. Well, that is a clear reason that the overall appeal of the décor is just so cool and artistic. The amazing eye for details of Annika von Holdt as its owner has affected the décor completely. In short, the apartment has glam accents which are not the typical style of Danish interior.

The building where the apartment is located is about 120 years old with trees in the surrounding. It may not be as eye-catchy as the interior décor in term of the exterior appeal of the building and its surrounding. Yet the interior has been changed almost entirely. Yet there are some old features left intact such as ceiling moldings, vaulted windows, chimneys, and some of the doors due to their unique appeal. The monochromatic color scheme is the main tone of the interior décor in some contrasting effects. Most of the areas are light-filled to resemble the traditional Scandinavian style of interior decoration. It is pretty useful to enlarge the space as well visually.

Glam touches alongside vintage finds can be seen all over the interior. The owner likes those vintage items a lot so that many of them are being incorporated into the décor. Whitewashed wooden flooring is definitely there alongside the white finished wall to start that monochromatic color scheme of the entire interior space. Oversized black and white photographs can be enjoyed throughout the space as decorative items. Those photographs signify the fact that the owner of the space is a photographer. The photos are framed in metallic frames that deliver the glam accent of the entire décor.

The sofa is one of the colorful elements of the space to create a rather contrasting effect within the interior. It eliminates the so-called boring accent of the interior décor instantly. There are some accentuating pillows as well within the area around the sofa. The dining chair has its rustic appeal with the use of rustic wooden table along with mismatching chairs. Overall the items in this apartment are all clearly joining each other to create a decent décor with the monochromatic color scheme background.

Metal White Chairs Wooden Small Table White Floating Shelves Black And White Framed Photographs Large Black Shade Table Lamp

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