A Charming Urban Farmhouse

A Vanity With Marble Countertop And Large Mirror In The Room Near The Bedroom

Hello good fellas! Are you looking for some ideas to determine your home style? Are you searching for the extraordinary one? Today’s topic will be a good news for you. In this great time, I am going to talk about an urban farmhouse which may inspire you. Let’s have a look at it.

This house is called ToDD Residence. This kind of house was built on a corner lot which only has little space and a minimum budget. SkB Architects is the one who are in charge to design this home for a growing Seattle family. This building is designed to have two lofts, and pitched roof structure attached to a single-loft volume with a flat roof. A Contrasting color palette of white and grey, simple forms, and no unimportant details build the outstanding exterior. A terrace is built above the street in order to get a private space. Therefore, some activities which are usually done in backyard are moved to the private terrace now.

The design of every corner and every square inch of this building was thoughtfully done to make a 1,970 square feet home became comfy and fabulous. There are many spaces that you can find in this home. This home has two level spaces, the ground floor and the upper ground. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

In the ground floor you can find an open floor plan that includes a living room, dining area, kitchen, and a home office. The open floor plan is not for a guest bedroom.  Let’s move to the living area. The living area benefits from two fabulous private terraces, which give a wide feel of the space. In the upstairs, you will find some private areas with bedrooms that rarely used because most of their time is spent in downstairs’ spaces.

To get an airy fell, light-color decoration is used in this home. The light-colored wood decoration is chosen to fill the spaces. Having a lot of white color in the spaces make them feel more airy. Some earthly shades are also used, for example, in tiles in the bathrooms. Besides, rustic touches decoration enrich this home interior. Some of the rustic touches which you can find is antlers, wood, cork, and soft textiles. The smart and thoughtfully mixture of the decoration and the furniture really make the home look charming and modern. The ambience becomes very great to greet everybody who come to the home.

Three People Gather Around In The Other Terrace Of The Urban Farmhouse Consists Of Green Wooden Chairs

Two Kids Sit On Armchairs Near A Man Who Is The Working Space With Wooden Desk And A Wheel Chair

The Urban Farmhouse Looked From Outside

A Man In A Bedroom Consists Of A White Bed With White Pillows

Two People In The Kitchen With Light Colored Wooden Kitchen Cabinet And Marble Countertop

Many People Gather Around In The Terrace Of The Urban Farmhouse

A Kids’ Playroom Is Filled With Colorful Furniture, Funny Dolls, And Attractive Floor

White Walls Dominated The Spaces Of The House

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