A Cabin Retreat in Norway with Cozy Scandinavian Décor and Awesome Views

Thick Green Grass Trees Stone Base Foundation White Finished Exterior Walls Glazed Walls Wooden Roofing

A cabin is always a fun place to go when having a holiday. It is a way to enjoy an escape from crowded city life. Well, a cottage in Norway has been renovated by Rever & Drage architects to be a more functional space with the open floor plan. Moreover, it has its main attraction in the form of the views of the surrounding that are nothing but impressive. Of course, it can be imagined that the cabin will have a Scandinavian appeal all over it.

A cozy atmosphere is definitely there inside this wooden cabin since lots of wood can be seen there in both its interior and even exterior. Despite its small size, it is more than enough to be a kind of holiday cabin. It is placed in just the right spot to be able to enjoy the mountains within the surrounding areas really. Previously this building has several small rooms that make it a bit cramped. The new one is an open plan house so that it feels larger compared to the previous one. That thing is really needed by a small space like this one to get the space into the better use of it.

The only partition or divider left inside the house is the one covering the bedroom for its privacy. Even the kitchen has a glazed section so that there will not be any obstruction from the kitchen to enjoy the views of the outside. The bedroom has its window as well to enjoy the views provided by Mother Nature. A decent addition to the renovation is an insulating wind membrane inside the walls to help to deal with heat maintenance inside the house. There is a certain area with underfloor heating as well which is pretty nice for a holiday cabin like this one. Wooden roof is there to help to create a better look of this building within the surrounding natural areas.

There is an original façade from the old building that is preserved right on the west. Yet it has some additions that include a covered shelter area to place clothing and some equipment and keep them dry for the whole time of staying there. There is an exterior area which is the porch to get the feeling of nature. Enjoying a holiday in a place like this cabin is a smart idea since it is an entirely different place from crowded cities.

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Thick Green Grass Trees Stone Base Foundation White Finished Exterior Walls Glazed Walls Wooden Roofing

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