A Black Wall for a Kid’s Room

A Dog House Shaped Space Near A Counter With A Frame And A Pot On It, And A Sofa In Blue Shade

If we talk about a kid’s room, it is usually done in some vivid color and very cheerful. Making a kid’s room in black shade is thought as a bad idea because black can make space gloomy. The fact that long ago or more, the timeless color of black fill kid’s areas and many parents and designers add this kind of intensity to kid’s room will make you surprised.

A black wall is considered as a bold statement. It is fashionable to be used in Scandinavian, modern, minimalist, and many other styles. Kid’s spaces are more often eclectic. You can still incorporate such a wall through different ways and play with it. Do you want to know some inspiring ideas? Let’s get inspired!

Partly Painted Black Walls

If you think that a whole black wall is too bold and gloomy for a kid’s space, there is still another way to avoid that. You just need to make a partly black fence. You can make it as a half painted or go for some patterns like mountains or brushstrokes. Adding some patterns is an excellent idea for themed rooms, for example, an adventure-inspired room. That kind of wall will create a bold contrast in the kid’s room, and it will make the space more outstanding.

Chalkboard Walls

Chalkboard walls are very famous nowadays. Many spaces used that kind of barriers, from kitchens to home offices. Fortunately, chalkboard walls are also refreshing to be used in a kids’ area. Looking at the fact that many kids like to drawing and writing something and they like to do it on the walls. For you who want to protect your expensive wallpaper or your cool walls from your children, having a chalkboard wall in their room is a great idea. It can raise their creativity without spoil your wall.

Black Statement Walls

Black statement walls often used in kids’ room. Since black is a neutral color, it will fit a boy room or the girl one. It also provides spaces with modern and Scandinavian styles. Besides, such a wall is suitable for travel-inspired rooms, for the area and sky-themed ones. You can go for simple back walls, or walls with some stenciling, pints, patterns that fit the theme of the room. If a black wall is too gloomy for you, you may use colorful decorations and ornaments like wreaths, garlands, and lights to make it more shine and not grim.

A Dog House Shaped Space Near A Counter Bar And The Kitchen

A Wooden Chair With Fabrics And A Table With Some Books On It Placed By The Window Near A Pot Of Plant

A Mirror On A White Sink And A Wooden Drawers

A Dog House Shaped Space Near A Counter With A Frame And A Pot On It, And A Sofa In Blue Shade

A Dog In A Dog House Shaped Space

A Dog Space Near A Counter Bar With A Dog Inside

A White Staircase

A Dining Table With A Bowl On It Paired With A Couple Of Wooden Chair And A Bench With White Furry Fabric On It

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