A Bench from Iceland’s Glaciers Inspiration

White Iceland Bench With Emerald And Blue Cushions In A Corner Of A Room With Brick Walls

Creative people, especially designers, can get an inspiration from anything and anywhere. They can get an inspiration from nature, the habit of a group of people, food, and many others. They will always look for a unique and unusual inspiration to be able to make a fabulous yet functional item.

Iceland is a unique country. It offers you a gorgeous breathtaking nature that is different from all country that you have seen before. There are a lot of ice in there and this country is famous for its glaciers. As I said before that people can get an inspiration from anything and anywhere, this unique country also inspires people, especially the creative one, in making artworks which are inspired by this land. It is not a surprise because there are so many unique things that can be found in this land. This time, I would like to share you an eye-catching furniture piece which was inspired by Iceland glaciers.

Adapting the icy crags of glaciers which are found throughout Iceland, tri designers Bartoli Design created a playful bench for Segis, an Italian furniture brand. It is not an ordinary one, but it will be very fabulous and gorgeous. This bench is produced with powder-coated steel legs and a powder coated aluminum frame. Because of this material, no question to ask if it will be strong and tough or not. This bench is designed to be available in two styles, the single-sided and the double-sided. Both styles offer you a comfy but tough bench for your space. If we think about Iceland, the color of iced-cold blues will be up in our mind. Nevertheless, fortunately, the cushions of the bench are available in numerous fabric colors or in faux leather, although we may suggest they will be in ice-cold blue shades to complete the look and the idea. Pay attention to one of its various version. It is an all-white version. Such a smart solution to bring an elegant and amazing look to your space. Wonderful!

This kind of bench will be a good idea for any home space. You may place it everywhere. You may have it in the entryway, a bedroom, or even in your dining area. Everywhere is ok. You may also place it outdoors but better choose faux leather for a more durable piece. If you do not want to have it inside your home, you may have it on the outside. I suggest you choose the faux leather one as it is a more durable item to be placed outside your home. Rush to have one, friends!

White Iceland Bench With Emerald And Blue Cushions In A Corner Of A Room With Brick Walls

White Iceland Bench With White Artificial Cushions In Front Of A White Wall With Three Colorful Ornaments Hung On It

White Iceland Bench With Emerald And Blue Cushions

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