A Beautifully Decorated Home in a Contrasting Décor Theme

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Creating a beautiful interior decoration in any interior space could be easy. The so-called contrasting effect is considerably popular in making a decent looking interior décor. This particular effect means that there will be clearly different elements in a décor that could really work together to create a nice decoration. There is a highly inspirational house with that theme of interior décor. A stylist named Lene Ostenfeldt owns it. As a famous stylist at Bo Bedre, she would like to have a stylish décor inside her house for sure. Well, the interior décor of her house in Holbaek is nothing but stylish with many accents of her personality to be seen.

Clearly, according to her preferences of interior decoration style, furniture items do not need to be in a match. On the other hand, the colors within the décor should be in a perfect match to really create a beautiful decoration even with the use of contrasting theme. The secret of beautifying any interior space is to harmonize all the colors within a space. Thus she thinks that furniture items and all of the accentuating accessories do not have to match at all. Well, that idea can be seen all over her house.

Bright colors like chalk white, coffee brown, black, gray, and caramel hues are all there within the décor in such contrasting effect. Leather, steel, and brass can be seen there as well as the accentuating elements all over the space. The living area has a combination of teal and white with light wooden flooring underneath. Fur covered chair and fluffy rug, as well as oversized artwork, complete the beauty of this space.

The dining area is in one open floor plan with the living area with black and white finish alongside wooden flooring. Black and white photographs are there to accentuate the décor further in the most artistic way. There is a small home office with stained wooden flooring alongside black and white theme as well. Retro touches in companion of Scandinavian style décor can be enjoyed there in the kitchen space. Black and white is there as well since that is the main theme of the interior decoration of the house, right? Meanwhile, the furniture is in white while natural wood is there as a countertop for the kitchen area. Overall the entire interior space has a generally contrasting effect that looks just nice.

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Leather Upholstered Chair Wooden Flooring Wooden Chair Grey Sofa Textural Rug Square Tables Dark Finished Wooden Display Cabinet Large Bold Art Piece Accent Pillows

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