A Beautiful Vacation House with Glazed Walls and Timber Clad Finish

Marysville Timber Clad House Natural Pond Trees Surrounding Greenery

It is pretty sure that a vacation home has to be really beautiful to maximize the holiday experience in it. Well, there are many ways to get the best possible appeal of a vacation home. A vacation house called Marysville done by Steffen Welsch Architects and Terminus Studio has its beauty over the use of timber clad finish alongside glazed walls. Its location right in the middle of trees is one of many beauties to enjoy when spending a holiday in this house. In short, the idea to have a kind of natural holiday while staying in a vacation house is there in this so-called Marysville.

The main idea of its exterior is highly affected by the look of mountain lodges around the location of this house. That exterior appeal of timber as its exterior cladding really delivers a great camouflage effect within the trees surrounding the house. It really looks like a part of the area. Many natural lights are hitting the interior of this house due to the use of glazed walls. The benefit of having glazed walls aside from getting many natural lights is to get the view of the surrounding effortlessly. Surely that makes it as close as possible to the nature surrounding.

The main area of the house is actually an open plan area served as a communal room. Other spaces inside this vacation house are only mezzanine level along with some utilities. The vacation home itself is considered as an enlarged studio to enjoy the nature easily. The use of glass can be seen there even in the façade to ensure lightness of its interior which is in a rather contrasting effect towards the timber finish of the exterior.

Wooden ceilings, white walls, and wooden floors are there on the inside of this vacation house. Pendant lamps highlight the high ceilings of this house. Even the furniture items are made of wood in the simplest way possible. Basically there is nothing inside the house that could distract the attention of anyone from enjoying the view of the outside. A black finished hearth is there as well inside the house to increase the coziness level of the interior while also adding the warmth of the space whenever needed. There is not much to talk about Marysville’s interior because the glass wall has taken the decorating focus.

Marysville Timber Clad House Natural Pond Trees Surrounding Greenery

Wooden Exterior Decking Timber Clad Exterior Cladding Glazed Walls Trees

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