A Beautiful Traditional Japanese Architecture Inspired House

Shou Sugi Ban House Large Tree Manicured Lawn Wooden Exterior Half Wall Paneling Potted Plants Red Upholstered Cushion Wooden Bench

Anything can inspire the architectural design of any house. Such things from the past can even be inspiring for today just as traditional Japanese architecture style. Incorporating classic style of architectural design to build a residential house today is a unique idea. Erin Stetzer and Suyama Peterson Deguchi have realized such idea. The result of the joint effort is a house named Shou Sugi Ban House in which that name is a Japanese technique of wood weatherproofing technique. Well, it is clear that Japanese has a huge influence on the design, the build, and the décor of this house.

This house is a residential house of a young family with just a child currently. Regarding the name of the house as derived from weatherproofing technique for wood, the process involves oiling and burning lumber. It will create a deep and rich dark tone of the lumber that signifies the increase in its level of durability.

Back to the so-called Shou Sugi Ban House, its entire area is measured 3,950 square feet featuring two levels. It features low-slung profile type of the build along with a broad overhanging line of its roof. There is a beautiful horizontal cladding of dark boards within the house that reinforces the structure of the house geometrically. The first level of the house has its unique T-shaped floor plan as an intersection of two separate wings. The west side of the house is the kitchen area while the east side of the house consists of living room and dining room in an open floor plan right there for the maximum use of the available space of the interior.

All along the interior of this unique house, there is charred wood in a contrasting effect with the white tones as the main theme incorporated by the architects. Meanwhile, the client was involved in adding splashes of color and details to the interior decoration by selecting various accentuating objects that they like and prefer to place and display inside the house. Thus within the interior decoration, several personal related items can be so good to watch. The master bedroom has a somewhat non-traditional sitting zone along with a reading corner with full-size open shelving bookcase all over the wall. There are Asian features as well such as sliding rice paper doors and Asian lamps inside the décor aside of antique items in some corners.

Shou Sugi Ban House Large Tree Manicured Lawn Wooden Exterior Half Wall Paneling Potted Plants Red Upholstered Cushion Wooden Bench

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