A 1930 Mansion is Back to Life in Style

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The old building can either be restored or altered to bring it back to its use. Some people prefer to restore the old building as close as possible to its original state. Some other people love the idea to alter it and just leaving a bit of the old stuff. Meanwhile, the rest of the people may think about modifying the old building to be better without eliminating its old beauties. Anyway, there is a neoclassical villa originated from the year of 1931 in Colonia Roma of Mexico City. The building is brought back to life by just the right person to do so. The result is a beautifully looking guest house named Ignacia Guest House.

It was Factor Eficiencia who managed to get the job done in bringing such old building back to life by adding a new structure without really eliminating the old one. This guest house offers four guest rooms in individual color scheme featuring yellow, pink, blue and green for each room. Each end of the guest house has two of the guest rooms stacked together. The outdoor terrace is available in each guest rooms to maximize the view to the central and communal outdoor patio. This central area is designed to be the center of interactions between guests staying in this wonderful guest house.

There is a fresh looking greenery wall in its exterior area of the glass-enclosed walkway. This particular walkway connects the main area of the house to the guest areas. The exterior patio is fresh due to the many potted plants and greeneries as well as some trees. There is a pond as well in the center of the exterior patio. Landscaping is the key feature in its exterior area that creates a comfortable atmosphere when staying there.

So the guest rooms are the added building while the original floor plan of the house is kept. The rooms have been reorganized to give better flow and functionality inside the house. Some of the iconic moldings from the original house have been restored along with plasterworks, wooden floors, and some details, unlike anything that can be found today. Regarding the interior of this building, it is now a perfect mix of vintage and modern things. In the end, this old building has been successfully redone to get the best of it for the many years to come.

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