The Beauty of IKEA’s Outdoor Furniture Items to Have

It is not a secret anymore that IKEA is a highly favorite brand in the scope of home furnishing and interior decoration. Well, it includes the thing of outdoor spaces as well since IKEA has some of the best options for outdoor furniture items as well. During the warm ...

3 years ago Gerold Redlich

Interior Design

Peaceful and Calm Décor of an Apartment in London

Although it is a matter of personal taste and preference, having a calm and peaceful atmosphere at home is a good thing. Well, living space can even be said to be a sanctuary in which it should be highly comfortable. It should be able to help calm down the ...

3 years ago Fiona Untermann


Modern Wobbling Table from George Duan

Some furniture items of today some with unique design and shape that will not just highly practical but look good at the same time. Some of those considerably unique designs have an even more unique function. The main idea is apparently to make it simpler and more natural in ...

3 years ago Hilda Abend

Dining Room

Dining Tables as Focal Point of Dining Room Décor

Any dining room can be maximized efficiently just by paying attention to the table. It is true that dining table is the essential element in any dining room décor. It should be able to set the mood within the room for the sake of better dining experience. Aside from ...

3 years ago Regina Grothmann

Interior Design

Beautiful Mix of Modern and Classic Style in the Eppich House

A unique house is more than just a home with unique décor. Its basic design and even its location can determine whether a house is a unique one or not. This one house called Eppich House is an example of a single home in its design, look, and location. ...

3 years ago Wanja Henzler

Home Decor

Cute Indoor Lamp Named Bero for Kids

The indoor lighting fixture can be in several different forms. There are pendants, floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, and of course table lamps. It has been developed pretty well today that the shape and size of those lamps vary a lot. Even table lamps come in many available ...

3 years ago Siegmund Windischmann


Compact Barbecue Grills with Huge Function to Have

Things that are small in size do not necessarily have fewer functions than the bigger ones. There are many modern things in considerably more modest scale than their original size back then. The tasks remain at least the same or even better. In term of outdoor barbecue grills, these ...

3 years ago Max Schott

Interior Design

A Nordic Apartment in Copenhagen with Peaceful Décor Vibe

An apartment can be a peaceful spot when appropriately done within its décor and design. This one apartment in Copenhagen of Jan and Camilla is finished in a mix of modern and Nordic style. The result is surprisingly peaceful and calm apartment all over its corners. In term of ...

3 years ago Marlis Wendland


The Locus Solus Outdoor Lounger with Large Wheels

The unique design of furniture is a must today to attract more and more people to use it. Therefore many designers and furniture manufacturers have been trying so hard to get as creative as possible in delivering the unique piece of furniture to offer. Surely the matter of function ...

3 years ago Siegmund Windischmann


Beautiful Modern Grills with Decent Functions to Try

Modern grills are not just functional but often look so unique and unusual. The design of the grill can even be adopting any available elements as long as it looks great and functions properly. Well, these are some of the best options of the modern grill with beautiful shape ...

3 years ago Heine Grau