Interior Design

The Pros and Cons of Having Vaulted Ceiling

A vault is an arched form extruded into the third dimension that is used to provide a space with a ceiling or roof. At first, vaulted ceilings were used in cathedrals or basilicas thousand years ago, but then many architects began to use them in some castles and ordinary ...

3 years ago Hilda Abend

Interior Design

Modern Waterfront House with Wonderful Views and Smart Privacy

Our earth is beautiful. It gives us so many wonderful views that can make us happy and release our stress. Having a house with so many beautiful views is everyone’s dream. Yet, we also need privacy in our house. Keeping the confidentiality of the house becomes a major challenge ...

3 years ago Heine Grau

Interior Design

An Inspiring Very Small Yet Functional Apartment

Lacking space is a usual problem at this time. This problem makes many people do not have a large house but only a small apartment. Having very small spaces is a little bit brain draining because you need to arrange all items in smart ways. It will be incredibly ...

3 years ago Heine Grau


Wood Hallway, Two Function in One item

When people come to your home, the hallway becomes the first impression of your house for them. You need something that highlight your hallway and makes it more outstanding, so the first impression of your house will be amazing. A hallway is usually boring because it is only and ...

3 years ago Gregor Wassermann


Furniture And Lamps Designs of Flora Inspiration

For you who are looking for an item that can add floral and greenery touch to space, you come at the right time. In this time, I would like to share some cool items that you can grab for decoration. This is a MOOV lamp designed by Berlin-based Studio ...

3 years ago Gertrudis Eisenmann

Interior Design

An Edgy and Dramatic Whimsy Penthouse

Hello fellas! For you who are looking for some ideas about home, you come at the right time. We will always give you home ideas that will inspire you all. In this high time, I would like to share you a bright and very interesting home with amazing details ...

3 years ago Gerold Redlich

Home Decor

Resonance Speakers, Functional and Stylish Speakers for Your Space

Hello pals! Are you a person who like listening to music? A pair of speakers may be a necessity for you. For you who often held a meeting in a work office, speakers also become a need to support the conference. Some people think that speakers may be not ...

3 years ago Erhard Feuerstein

Interior Design

An Inspiring Victorian Home In San Francisco

A home is a place where people live. There is a person who spends a short time in a home, and there is also a person who spends more time in a home than outside. Having a home that is welcoming and calming is a necessity since many times ...

3 years ago Emma Honigsberg


The Grey Kitchen Ideas

Neutral colors become the most favorite color because it is timeless and can be mixed with another color that you like whether it is bold or bright. Besides black and white colors, grey is also one of the most favorite colors to be used in designing a space because ...

3 years ago Anton Ehrlinger


A Very Functional Vibrant Kitchen

A kitchen is an important part of a dwelling. Making a comfy and functional kitchen is a need because kitchen can be the first place we build our mood for the day. We start the day with making a meal or having breakfast, and it will define our mood. ...

3 years ago Albin Neuhaeuser