Interior Design

The Available Options of Glass Dining Table to Choose

Glass furniture products are very popular today following the rising popularity of modern interior decorating styles. The minimalist appeal of such style of interior decoration is amidst the most important factors that it became really popular today. Furthermore, the glass itself is known widely as a modern material. It ...

3 years ago Wanja Henzler

Interior Design

Delirium Collection of IKEA Get Refreshed for Better Look

IKEA is a highly popular brand of furniture items. There are many great options for items in many of its collections to choose for any interior space. Amidst the popularity of IKEA and its products, there will always be some creativity to get the better look of IKEA products. ...

3 years ago Adelar Moritz

Interior Design

Incorporating Glass Desks for Functional and Beautiful Home Offices

Modern style decoration of any interior space is highly popular today. Many furniture items and decorative elements are sought by homeowners to create modern spaces inside their houses. One of the most common ways that can be done to create a modern appeal in any interior space easily is ...

3 years ago Adelmar Rommel

Interior Design

A Perfect Combination of Modern and Mid-Century Style Decoration

Combining two styles of decoration within a single interior space is a common thing that many homeowners have tried to do nowadays. Obviously, the main idea behind such thing is to create a decent uniqueness of the overall appeal of the space. An example of different styles that can ...

3 years ago Adrian Lichtenfels


Vintage Kitchen Décor with Rustic and Glam Accents

A kitchen can be a highly inviting place when decorated properly. Unfortunately, many homeowners did not pay attention to the decoration of their kitchen. It is considered to be the place that should be functional and practical so that its appeal is said to be less important. That idea ...

3 years ago Albin Neuhaeuser

Home Decor

Eye-Catching Glass Coffee Table Designs

A coffee table can always be a practical item in any living room for sure. It can be an item with beautifying effect at the same time. It means that a coffee table can enhance the outlook and the environment of the living room where it is placed. Within ...

3 years ago Albrecht Schulhoff

Home Decor

Dark Finished House in a Forest with a Wonderful Scenery to Enjoy

A house in a kind of forest might be a dream that some people wanted to have. recently it is true that people prefer to feel the natural atmosphere closely. Thus many ideas in-house design and interior décor have been circulating within the theme of nature. Well, there is ...

3 years ago Anton Ehrlinger

Interior Design

Enhancing White Rooms by Adding More Interests to the Décor

Interior decoration in white is recommended to deal with small space. It helps make s small space look bigger by reflecting the light. Any interior space done in white décor will look so bright and airy while also being timeless. It could be a bit boring at some points, ...

3 years ago Fiona Untermann

Interior Design

Wooden Slope House with Large Tree Inside

A house can be designed in any possible way to look unique without compromising its function at all. Thus it is true that creativity is among the key elements that should be there within any project of house designing and building. There is a unique house with lots of ...

3 years ago Genoveva Hamburger


Stylish Design of Kimono Armchair for Any Space

A seating item will always be needed within any space. Both exterior space and interior space will need proper seating fixtures to be functional. Today there are many creative ideas incorporated into the design and shape of seating items. The actual item can even be inspired by many things ...

3 years ago Anton Ehrlinger