2017 Most Unique Looking Houses to Enjoy

Solar Panel Wooden Wall Dining Chairs Glass Fence Stone Deck Stone Chair Green Grass Grey Roof

Unique houses can be found in many areas of the globe. There are always great ideas and concepts behind the finished unique and coolest house on the earth. Within the year of 2017, there are some of the best looking ones in term of dwellings. The idea to be unique is not limited to the shape of the house. The location of the house, the size of the house, the materials of the house and also the primary purpose of the house will also affect the score in being unique for a home today.

There is the one house called Eppich house that has its iconic three-level built next to a river. One part of the house is just a deck above the water surface. The purpose is to get as close as possible to nature. It has an iconic curved shape of the top section with an all-glass window for bright interior during the day. Another one is a unique house on a hillside in the white finish. It has a fascinating design with the use of a shipping container as one part of its roof. Indeed the location is pretty unique to be like on a hillside.

Next pick is an Italian house which is covered by living vines all over it. On one side of the house, there is an additional building with mirrored glass wall for more space which is in pretty much contrasting effect with the main building. It really is a unique one. The so-called Opera Camper is a caravan in similar shape as the Sydney Opera House. The main idea of this thing is actually to get the luxury feel when camping. Apparently, it is not just an ordinary caravan for camping.

Another choice of the unique house of 2017 is a square building with the concrete finish around it. It has several rectangular windows in a wooden frame with various sizes. The placement of the windows is pretty unique with just one window for one size. Within a couple of brick buildings, there is a unique one made of brick painted in black. The architecture is pretty similar to the surrounding which is intended to go with the flow of the old buildings around it. One more choice is a beautiful house with open dining area to get closer to nature. It has wooden wall and glass features for a better view of the outside.

Opera Camper Metal Frame Foldable Chairs Square Foldable Table Opera House Shape Caravan White Exterior Large Tree

Blaack Brick House Black Frame Windows Red And Beige Brick House Dark Brown Brick House Large Windows

Trees Hillside Modern House Shipping Container Roof Glass Window Wall Wooden Wll Warm Lighting

Square Concrete Exterior House Wooden Frame Square Windows Trees Green Grass

Epppich House Glass Window Waall Greenery Riverside Trees Wooden Deck Metal Chimney Wooden Exterior Chairs Rock Planter Waall White Curved House Frames

Solar Panel Wooden Wall Dining Chairs Glass Fence Stone Deck Stone Chair Green Grass Grey Roof

Square House Living Vines Wall Cover Green Grass Greenery Trees Twin Chimneys Mirrored Glass Wall Orange Bench Potted Plants

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