12 Items Multi-Functional Hybrid Furniture Items on Wheels

Interchangeable Cushions Bold Yellow And Blue Bold Red And Blue Black Finishes Pushcart Inspired Furniture Items With Wheels

Practicality is a highly important aspect of human life today. People have been focusing on items that can deliver better use to support their daily routine and activities. In relation to that the fact of smaller living spaces trend is promoting clever ideas of multi-functional furniture items. Many brands have created their own collection of furniture offering more than one purpose when being used. One of the trendiest options of multi-use furniture items today is a collection designed by CL3 architecture office of Hong Kong and Lim + Lu design studio. The collection features 12 items that are all inspired by pushcarts. Therefore they have wheels on them which are beneficial in many ways as well just as the so-called pushcart itself.

The entire collection of furniture within this brand new design of CL3 and Lim + Lu is highly versatile. It will really be perfect for urban landscapes such as New York as well as other mega cities. According to Lim + Lu it is true that pushcart itself is a unique part of New York. It is widely used in daily routine of almost any place and any business in town. Every corner and turn in New York is actually filled with moving pushcart in various sizes and colors. Moreover the thing about pushcart itself is more than just a tool to transport goods. The fact that it has a kind of bipolar characteristic interests Lim + Lu design studio to create this collection of pushcart inspired multi-functional furniture.

The 12 items within the collection of furniture are all multi-purpose items. There is a piece that can be functioned as a sofa for three people when it is set in its reclined state. It can then be altered to be a functional coat rack in its upright position. It resembles the use of pushcart that can be in reclined as well as upright state. Nothing within this collection of 12 items that offer only one function. They are all come together nicely to deliver many functions at once. The basic idea along the designing process is to deliver portable yet multi-functional furniture items with rather bold personality just as the entire 12 items within the new collection of CL3 and Lim + Lu. Any modern living space will surely enjoy the benefit of having a set of beautiful items in its appearance while also perfectly functional in many ways.

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Interchangeable Cushions Bold Yellow And Blue Bold Red And Blue Black Finishes Pushcart Inspired Furniture Items With Wheels

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