Wonderful Ideas to Create Moody and Dark Decoration for Living Room

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The living room can be decorated to deliver moody and dark atmosphere for a unique appeal. Despite the fact that bright neutral tones are recommended for living room décor, embracing dark colors in proper ways will help to create refined and very relaxing ambiance within the living room. When done correctly, dark shades will not be gloomy or even sad at all. They can be so inviting as well as cozy at the same time. Moreover, it is easy to go for dark shades and tones in any living room regardless of the desired style of decoration.

Start decorating the living room by considering the desired style of decoration. Dark colors will work just fine alongside any available options of decoration style for the living room. Once the desired shape has been determined, it is time to consider the color of the living room. Despite the fact that dark colors will be used, black is not the only choice. Green, grey, purple and blue in their darker shades can always be selected for dark and moody room color scheme. The color of the wall should just be one color since the accentuating tones will be in other parts.

The key to creating a great looking living room in dark colors is to avoid using dark colored furniture when the wall is already in a somber tone. Thus by selecting bold upholstery for sofa and chairs it will be helpful for the overall decoration of the living room. The couch as the focal point of the room should also be eye-catching. A decent example is to go for a bright sunny yellow sofa in a living room with graphite grey wall.

Adding textures to the living room is also a great way to eliminate gloomy accent of the dark colors there. Stone or brick texture within the fireplace is going to be great. Meanwhile, wooden pieces of furniture may work well with the background of dark shades of various colors. It is also a great idea to go for various shades of one color in the furniture pieces. Proper lighting should also be considered properly so that the room will have sufficient lights while the actual lighting pieces will add the beauty of the decoration. It is somewhat a new trend today that people start to go for darker tones in decoration. Once done the look properly will just be awesome.

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