The Pros and Cons of Having Vaulted Ceiling

An Entryway Is Done With Wood Covered Vaulted Ceiling And Wooden Floor

A vault is an arched form extruded into the third dimension that is used to provide a space with a ceiling or roof. At first, vaulted ceilings were used in cathedrals or basilicas thousand years ago, but then many architects began to use them in some castles and ordinary homes. In this time, I would like to share some buildings with vaulted ceilings. For you who think a choice of having it or not, here are some pros and cons with examples that may help you. Check it out!

Pros of Vaulted Ceilings

A vaulted ceiling in a room usually goes with windows or skylight. They can give your space so much natural light. That is a great advantage. Add double glazing the surrounding glass to reduce energy requirements for heating or cooling.

Exposed beams are now very popular that can add character to space. A vaulted ceiling is a great idea to add beams even if originally there were no beams. They will give a cozy and rustic feel, and of course a character. Even it is just a simple space, space will be highlighted. Vaulted ceilings with beams will give energy to the room’s design and look.

Although you do not go for wooden beams, a vaulted ceiling has a high function to be used for a rustic appeal. Vaulted ceilings which are covered in wood planks will give the space a rustic charm. Because of their position, which is up high, the ceilings will be one of the first things that grab people’s attention. Such a great choice for a modern rustic space!

If the domed ceiling is strategically designed, it can help you to provide the much-needed ventilation area for air circulation. This idea is beneficial in a bathroom where should be quickly drained out to avoid mold growth.

Cons of Vaulted Ceilings

Having a vaulted ceiling in your space means having a lot of dead space where nothing comes in or goes out. The vaulted ceilings make the space look bigger and wider, and it makes there will be no intimate feelings. The vaulted ceiling is not the best choice for you who want maximum coziness of the house.

You may need professionals to clean a ceiling fan or change a light bulb because of the immense height. Therefore, you better to have hanging lamps and chandelier lower than it must be to make it easier to be cleaned and changed. A space with vaulted ceilings needs more energy to heat during cold days, while on hot days you need more energy to cool it down.

A Kitchen With White Kitchen Cabinet And Wooden Countertops Is Done With Original Wooden Beams

A Bedroom With Large Bed And A Fireplace Is Done In Wood Covered Vaulted Ceiling

A Room With Vaulted Ceiling And White Walls Features White Sofas, A Console With Two Lamps And A Vase Of Flowers Paired With Two Chairs

An Entryway Is Done With Wood Covered Vaulted Ceiling And Wooden Floor

A Room With Wooden Beams Features White Sofas With Cushions Placed On A Rug, A Fireplace, And A Table With Some Vases On It And Paired With Two White Stools

A Room With Vaulted Ceiling With Skylights Features White Sofas With Cushions, A Table With A Large Bowl, And Beautiful Mountain Views

A Kitchen With Vaulted Ceiling Is Done In White Wooden Kitchen Cabinets And Three Pendant Lamps On The Ceiling

A Bathroom Is Done With Wood Covered Vaulted Ceiling And A Chandelier Features A White Tub And A Wooden Vanity With Mirror

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