Sound Dampening Wall Panels in Stylish Modern Appeal

Soft Grey Shade Of The Vertical Bar Of Acoustic Surfaces Collection With Long Straight Lines In Blue Accent

Anything about interior décor and home furnishing can always be looking good without compromising its central practical matter. Well, today there are many options for anything to help to beautify interior in the easiest possible way. One thing that some people need is a material to help reduce noise in space. Such thing known as sound-proofing or sound dampening material can be in any form. Mainly there will be wall panels made of specific materials to ensure that space will be much more comfortable without too much noise.

This latest option of that thing from Submaterial is stylish and pretty much unlike any other available options out there. In short, it can be said that the available options are so chic and refined that any space will look better with the use of this thing from Submaterial. The company has been known to manufacture high-quality materials for sound dampening. This latest release of the Acoustic Surfaces Collection is the next big thing of the company. It looks good, and definitely, it will function well just like its previous products.

This new Acoustic Surfaces Collection features a high-performance acoustic substrate that is thermally formed. It is hidden just beneath a very thick layer of wool felt having a commercial grade. That construction of the materials of this collection will be giving the ultimate solution in the scope of sound dampening matter. That is definitely about the main feature of this thing.

Submaterial has just decided to get this product to the next level by enhancing the appeal of the surface element. Such decorative finish can be enjoyed on its outer layer so that once installed; it will be a decent enhancement to any space where it is installed. There are more than 60 colors to choose with various geometrical patterns on it. One of them is the one called Hex with a cool mid-century appeal. It displays hexagonal patterns that shift to series of lines. There is the Horizontal Bar as well with just layered and colored bars in a random pattern. Meanwhile, there is the Vertical Bar with bolder and longer bars in a higher level of intensity. Rain is the one with organic and fluid lines with soft curves just before coming back to straight lines at the end. It is a decent option of sound dampening material that is nothing but stylish.

The Bold Yellow Horizontal Bar Version Of Acoustic Surfaces Collection Cobcrete Flooring Wooden Table White Top Wooden Chairs Books White Table Lamp

Calmer Look Of The Vertical Bar Of Acoustic Surfaces Collection Metal Chairs Dark Grey Cushions Sculptural Small Side Table Potted Plant

Horizontal Bar Of Acoustic Surfaces Collection From Submaterial Bold Yellow Base Color With Random Short Straight Lines In Blue Accent

Soft Grey Shade Of The Vertical Bar Of Acoustic Surfaces Collection With Long Straight Lines In Blue Accent

Bright Rain Of The Acoustic Surfaces Collection Featuring Fluid Lines From Top To Bottom Bold Orange Comfy Seater Concrete Flooring

The Dark Grey Hex Version Of Acoustic Surfaces Collection Featuring Hexagonal Patterns Shift To Straight Lines

The Bulb In Neutral Shade That Features Fluid Shape Of Balloon That Converts To Straight Lines Down Below

One Of The Styles Of The New Acoustic Surfaces Collection From Submaterial In Dark Grey Finish With Geometrical Pattern Grey Finished Tables Books Decorative Items

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