Small But Cozy Kitchen Design with a Bar

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Correct organization and proper decorating of a kitchen are crucial to really maximize both its appeal and function. The kitchen its somewhat similar to a bathroom that people often pay less attention to it in term of its decoration and organization. As long as the can do what they need to do in the kitchen, then it is okay for them. Unfortunately, that is not the right way to deal with a kitchen. It is getting more and more important when the kitchen is joined with the dining area. It should be decorated and be organized so that there could be some quality time every day just right there.

Regardless of the available space of the kitchen alongside dining area, it can be done beautifully. There is an example of a small kitchen in a well-decorated manner. In short, it is a little but cozy kitchen with full features to enjoy. The kitchen is very close to the dining area in which there is a mini bar to function as a separator. Meanwhile, the mini bar is also functional aside from just being a separator, right? It can be used as a drinking station, a breakfast nook, or even a working area. In the bar, there can be warm conversation while also waiting and looking at the cooking in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, the kitchen comes in a set of sleek looking white cabinetries alongside metallic backsplash to deliver airy atmosphere needed by a kitchen in such tight space. The metallic accent is supported further by its appliances. Such metallic surface is beautiful to look at while also pretty easy to deal with in term of cleaning. So, it is clear that being practical and multifunctional is crucial in dealing with a kitchen in small space.

Moving aside of the kitchen is the dining area as separated by a mini bar. Corner bench in large size with the upholstered top is the significant feature of the dining area. There are also wishbone chairs alongside a lot of pillows there. Aside from being a seating solution, the bench offers hidden storage as well. Surely it is another example of being practical and multifunctional at the same time. The kitchen and dining area focuses on emphasizing the beauty of wooden accent so that there are no additional decorative items there. It should be clear now that decorating and organizing a kitchen may be able to boost both its appeal and function at the same time.

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Half Round Shade White Hanging Lamp Wooden Dining Table Wooden Dining Chairs Large Window Greeneries Tile Floor Flowers

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