Simple Hacks to Beautify IKEA Pax Wardrobe

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Many products of IKEA are so popular that people love them. Within the options of wardrobe, there is the one model known as Pax. This model is a wardrobe in a simple design. It has the timeless characteristic as well to make it easy in using it within various styles of interior design. IKEA Pax wardrobe can easily fit modern décor, minimalist décor, traditional décor, or even industrial style décor. This wardrobe offers easy storage of various items including shoes and clothes. One major setback of this item is the fact that some people may see it as just a standard piece of furniture or even cheap looking furniture.

Certainly, there are a lot of conveniences to do that would lift the appeal of IKEA Pax wardrobe instantly. Among some of the best hacks is to add mirrors on the doors of the wardrobe. Basically, this will only need several pieces of mirrors to be attached to the wardrobe doors. Variations in connecting the mirrors will positively affect the look at the end. The closet can go either vintage or modern immediately. Frames can be added alongside the mirrors in various sizes and cuts.

The next thing to do with the simple hack idea for IKEA Pax’s wardrobe is to trick the door. The simplest way is to recolour the entries into a fresh new tone accordingly. It is as simple as picking a colour and spraying it to the doors. Otherwise, some small pieces of the door can be replaced. It involves handles or knobs. Find some beautiful looking handles and knobs to beautify the original ones for better appeal. Meanwhile, the entire doors of the wardrobe can also be replaced by using other materials. Wooden doors, plywood doors, or even glass doors can all be designed to fit the closet and create a whole new look of it.

Well aside from those two popular options, there are various other ideas to adopt. Adding a substantial fabric to cover the doors is also a great idea in this matter. Adding panels on the doors could also be a nice idea to do. In the end, it is pretty easy and straightforward to get the better appeal of the stylish IKEA Pax wardrobe in no time. The above-mentioned options combined with good creativity can create a new look from IKEA Pax’s wardrobe for a better overall decor in this room.

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Boxes Framed Glass Windows Gemoteric Cut Mirrors White Wardrobe Striped Rug Wood Table Patterned Chair Book Candle Decorative Plant

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