Interior Design

Industrial Style Residence with Light Shades All Over

Decorating residential house in an industrial style often leads to a somewhat dark and moody decoration of its interior at the end. Mainly many modern touches can be done by implementing dark colors and rough textures so that the appeal will not be too welcoming and inviting. It does ...

7 months ago Marvin Reitter


Multifunctional Wooden Reading Chair and Bookshelf for Kids

Making kids enjoy and love reading books is not an easy task at all. Some kids may already like to read while many others may not be. Most kids will love to play all day long which is more fun to do than reading according to them. So, how ...

7 months ago Max Schott

Interior Design

Inspirational Ideas for Apartment and House Design of Last Year

Along the year of 2017, there have been some uniquely designed and decorated houses and apartments around the globe. Even in each month, there has always been something new within interior decoration scope leading to new decoration ideas. Well, within the penultimate month of 2017 there were several decent ...

7 months ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

Cozy Wooden Mountain Cabin Named Big Pine

Spending a holiday in a natural wooden cabin is always a great idea. Located at hillside and close to Mother Nature will deliver the best feeling of enjoying a holiday. It will indeed be a great way to relax as well out of crowded daily routine in the city. ...

7 months ago Nick Lasch


Strangely Beautiful Pod Desk Lamp and Pendant from CP Lighting

The table lamp is a small piece of item in any interior decoration. At some points, it may not even be needed at all. The available options for that thing are so many out there. The idea to create proper lighting in any interior décor by incorporating more than ...

7 months ago Ole Haselrieder


Outstanding Ocean View from a Nicely Designed Thai Villa

A villa is a beautiful place to spend a quality holiday for sure. It can be built in many areas although some areas are considered to be more favorable by people. One of the accessible regions to construct a villa is an oceanfront area. There have been many villas ...

8 months ago Marlis Wendland


A Unique Geometrical Capsule Style Chair for Modern Décor

Modern touches in interior decoration have been considered to be the current trend today. More and more people tend to go for modern style in decorating their interior. Furthermore, there are many new items related to home furnishing and interior decoration having a modern appeal all the way. That ...

8 months ago Max Schott


Edgy Sideboards with Rounded Corners of Bonaldo

Choosing furniture items today is more than just finding the one with the right function. The matter of appeal of the things to want will also affect the decision at the end when trying to find and purchase the right piece of furniture item for any room. Cabinets, tables, ...

8 months ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

Two Barns Transformation to a Rustic and Vintage Residential House

It is getting popular today to alter one thing to be entirely new stuff. It even applies to the world of residential house building. There have been many people transforming old and ugly houses to fresh and beautiful homes at the end. Well, there is a unique suburban house ...

8 months ago Gerold Redlich


Unique Technology of Color Changing in Color Flow Furniture

Technology will always be developed further and farther over the years. Many purposes are behind the invention of new things and techniques. New stuff may serve different purposes that at the end will make a better life of human being. Within the world of interior decoration and home furnishing, ...

8 months ago Genoveva Hamburger