Interior Design

Appealing Décor of a Modern Apartment Involving Wood and Marble

A modern décor in an interior space may not always be simple. In fact, several different elements can be combined to create a unique appeal of interior décor with the basic idea of modern style. Yet it has to be done properly though. An apartment is commonplace with the ...

9 months ago Ole Haselrieder


A Multifunctional Furniture Item for Urban Living by Andrea Pallares

More urban dwellers have the attention to multifunctional goods to help them complete their daily routine. It is pretty common with respect to the popular living style of today that people love to have multifunctional items. In fact, the idea of owning and using such items is that there ...

9 months ago Regina Grothmann


Eye-Catching Furniture Items and Décor Ideas Using Velvet

Certain material or element can really be useful in elevating interior space in term of its appeal. Along the years there have always been different materials and elements considered to be the trend in interior décor. Velvet is currently the trend today that can easily be incorporated into an ...

9 months ago Wolfram Schulberg


Unique House in U-Shaped Layout with Indoor and Outdoor Living Incorporated

Combination of outdoor and indoor space in a residential house is getting more and more common these days. The fact that the price is getting more and more expensive in term of a living space means that all available surfaces should be incorporated into the floor plan of any ...

9 months ago Siegmund Windischmann


Beauty over Minimalist Design of Cove Kitchen Island

Amidst the many items that can be incorporated to beautify any interior space, there are certain items for the kitchen. Well, the kitchen may not be a popular space where many homeowners are paying attention to its appeal. It is important to have a well-designed and well-decorated kitchen to ...

9 months ago Sophia Horkheimer

Home Decor

The Beauty of Trestle Desks and Tables in Home Décor

Unique elements can easily be found in many furniture items that are available in the market today. Such unique features and elements will commonly be the defining factor in home décor that looks awesome. One of the many unique features of furniture items to find today is trestle legs ...

9 months ago Walpurgis Hegeler

Interior Design

An Apartment with Modern Style Decoration and Traditional Accents

A common way to do to create a unique appeal in decorating interior space is by combining two different styles. Two contrasting styles will have the highest possibility of creating a perfect combination of mix styles of décor in any interior space. Mixing the old and the new is ...

9 months ago Wanja Henzler


Luxurious Outdoor Swing Sofa Named Gravity

Embracing the outdoor space is a common thing in many houses today. Homeowners have been incorporating various smart ways of creating a seamless transition from the interior area to the exterior space to maximize the available space in hands. Thus many furniture items are designed and built for exterior ...

9 months ago Wolfram Schulberg

Interior Design

The Available Options of Glass Dining Table to Choose

Glass furniture products are very popular today following the rising popularity of modern interior decorating styles. The minimalist appeal of such style of interior decoration is amidst the most important factors that it became really popular today. Furthermore, the glass itself is known widely as a modern material. It ...

9 months ago Wanja Henzler

Interior Design

Delirium Collection of IKEA Get Refreshed for Better Look

IKEA is a highly popular brand of furniture items. There are many great options for items in many of its collections to choose for any interior space. Amidst the popularity of IKEA and its products, there will always be some creativity to get the better look of IKEA products. ...

9 months ago Adelar Moritz