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A Pendant Lamp in Highly Industrial Style Named Quattro

Industrial appeal of interior décor has its fans for sure. There are many items of furniture as well as interior decoration in an industrial style that can be purchased today. That fact signifies the need for industrial style items that more and more people prefer to have in their ...

5 months ago Ole Haselrieder

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A Traditional Armory Design with Fresh Appeal

It is highly possible to use a different approach when trying to create a fresh new look out of the old. It will be a perfect combination of classic things and modern styles that are considered common today. Thus it is a good idea to combine the old piece ...

5 months ago Sophia Horkheimer


Edgy Board: Chair by I’m: Board Made of Skateboard Decks

There are many creative furniture designers out there with their ideas in creating unique and edgy furniture items within the modern interior décor world today. The fact that smaller living spaces are getting more and more personalized today means that unique items are at large to be incorporated. Simply ...

5 months ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

Highly Functional Apartment in Modern Design and Geo Patterns

Modern style interior décor is closely associated with the function. Many items in modern style décor will be highly functional while also being as helpful as possible in enhancing the décor itself. Furthermore in dealing with modern decoration of any interior today, adding color splashes is an optional thing ...

5 months ago Ole Haselrieder

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Unique Designs of Furniture Collection in Fast Food Style

Furniture items can be designed in any style and shape. There have been some unique ideas along the way within the vast world of interior decoration today. Bringing the old to the latest décor is considerably a decent trend of interior décor today. On the other hand, incorporating unique ...

5 months ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

Perfect Harmony of Modern and Industrial Styles in Kitchen Furniture of Dada

There is an easy way to get a well-designed kitchen in no time that is to purchase a kitchen set. A kitchen set is a complete set of everything that should be in a kitchen. Surely it is an easy way of setting up a kitchen. It is commonly ...

5 months ago Lore Blumenthal


A Suburban Home in Modern Design with Unique Mirrored Staircase

A focal point is a must in any décor. It is the way to attract everyone entering the house while also being the center of the décor. So it is important to set the focal point first before dealing with the rest of the décor when dealing with interior ...

5 months ago Karina Dalman

Interior Design

Cool Dressing Room with Makeup Corner

Every girl will love to have a dressing room that fits their needs. Some men have that matter in their mind too. Those who have lots of space in their house will surely be able to have a decent dresser with all of their stuff stored there. They will ...

5 months ago Sophia Horkheimer

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A Winery Transformed into a Beautiful House in Red Mortar Finish

Altering and transforming old things to new ones has been a trend in the world of home design and interior décor. It includes the alteration of old furniture items as well as old buildings. One thing in common is that they will have a brand new look while their ...

5 months ago Walpurgis Hegeler

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Space-Inspired Bathroom Mirror by Samuel Wilkinson

It is not that surprising today that there are even specific items that can be used to beautify a bathroom. It is true that today more homeowners start to pay attention to the décor of all areas in their houses. Even bathroom has its treatments to get the better ...

5 months ago Wanja Henzler