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Beautifully Looking Quiet House in Minimalist Décor of a Country Home

A tiny spot of land can actually be a beautiful dwelling in the minimalist approach of decoration. There is this one house called Quiet House in a village just south of France done by Artelabo. Privacy and protection is definitely the key in this house although it turns out ...

6 days ago Marlis Wendland

Home Decor

Magnetic and Gravity Themed Equilibrio Lamp from Olivelab Studio

The modern type of stuff related to interior decoration has more and more fans today. Many homeowners love to get modern stuff in term of their design to help to maximize their interior. In term of both function and style, modern items can always be considered to be the ...

6 days ago Gertrudis Eisenmann

Home Decor

Modern Chandeliers with Jaw-Dropping Designs and Features to Have

Chandeliers do have serious effects in interior decoration. Thus picking the one that could be a show-stopper in the space, it is placed will be important. These chandeliers are considerably modern ones with such unimaginable features and designs. Each one of these models will not look like traditional chandeliers ...

7 days ago Karina Dalman

Interior Design

Victorian Elegance in the Game On Home by Rowland + Broughton

A modern house with a classic style of decoration is always nice to watch.  There is a house in a mountain town of Colorado named Game On Home with that kind of combination. It is a modern residential house packed in a historic appeal of Victorian style all over ...

7 days ago Katarina Erdmann


Bold Looking Vintage Inspired English Country Kitchen Décor

A kitchen should not just functional and practical at all. It should be having a great look as well so that all the cooking and food preparations there will be more fun to do, right? A well-decorated kitchen could really boost the atmosphere in it obviously. Thus it really ...

7 days ago Max Schott


Proper Ways in Using Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor space needs lighting too. It is true that more and more people are willingly spending their time outside the house by doing various activities. Today it is easy to find more outdoor kitchens where people love to have a small gathering with their relatives and friends. Surely there ...

7 days ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

A Townhouse from the 50s with Stunning Interior Décor and Views

Even an old building can be altered just by doing some tricks along the renovation. There is an example of an old townhouse in New York originated from the 50s. It has just been renovated by Alexander Gorlin Architects in which the new look of it is just awesome. ...

7 days ago Ole Haselrieder


Graff Presents the Dressage Collection of Modern Bathroom Items

The bathroom should never be considered to be a space that looks just as it is. The idea is that even a bathroom should be decorated and appropriately beautified to look really nice. It is the space to start a new day every morning as well as a place ...

7 days ago Regina Grothmann


Colorful and Beautiful Floral Bedding Sets for Any Bedroom

Aside from the fact that bed is the main piece of furniture in any bedroom, the bedding set is a crucial element in determining the overall appeal of the décor. It is true that certain styles of decoration for bedroom will require certain styles of the bedding set to ...

7 days ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

An Apartment in Barcelona by Built Architecture with Awesome Décor

Keeping original features of a building when renovating it is always a smart way to create a unique look at the end. It may well be too hard to find the same features today if the old elements are eliminated instead of preserved along the way of a renovation. ...

7 days ago Regina Grothmann