Open Kitchen Ideas for Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

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Handling a limited space in any interior is always tricky. When it comes to the kitchen, the perfect choice in dealing with limited space is to go for an open kitchen. An open kitchen is a kitchen that is integrated into other functional rooms. It is getting more and more popular today like in small apartments and other small living spaces. Commonly the kitchen will be combined with dining area, living room or even both of them. The rest of the house or apartment does not need to be having open layout though. Apparently, the kitchen will be more inviting by using open layout design.

The most popular idea in using open kitchen is to combine it with dining area. Small house with just a few people living together is commonplace with open kitchen and dining area. Basically while prepping for the meals there could also be a conversation between all of the people living along. Minimalist, industrial, modern, farmhouse or vintage style of decoration will be able to be incorporated within open kitchen layout. Combining the same style of furniture is one of the keys to getting it done correctly. On the other hand, connecting the kitchen and dining area by using the same lighting fixtures will also be nice.

Meanwhile it is also possible to combine the kitchen alongside living room by using open layout. It means that the décor style of both chambers should be the same. Different shades can be incorporated though such as darker grey and lighter grey that will create a bit of accent there. Bolder shades and shapes of furniture can deliver the décor into the better appeal. Whenever the space is pretty limited, going for the same tone all over the kitchen and the living room is the best choice. Avoiding the use of too many small accentuating pieces is also an excellent idea for small space. Keeping the decoration style in just one option is the key for the best appeal of the decoration.

Surprisingly it is also possible to even create an open area to combine three of them. Living room, dining room and kitchen can be grouped together in a decent space. It is clear now that even a limited interior space can be designed and decorated accordingly to look nice and function properly. Furthermore, open space will also provide better mobility inside the house or any living space.

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