Japandi Interior As a Design Idea

Some Comfy Sofas With Cushions And A Wooden Table With Books, A Hat, And A Bowl On It Placed On A Rug

Japandi (some people said as Scandinese) is one of the newest décor trends at this time. Do you know about Japandi? Japandi was born of the mix of two styles; they are modern and rustic Scandinavian and traditional elegance of Japanese decoration. It is not a surprise if the two styles are mixed into one because both of them have the aim to create functional interiors with some statement pieces and not the abundance of décor. The mixture of these styles gives an amazing take on minimalism to be comfier and cosier than it. The Nordic style gives cosy, rustic touch while the Japanese design adds a more varied colour palette and warm nuance. Are you curious to see? Let’s take a look at some principles that you may follow to build that kind of interior.

Contrasting Colors

The character of Scandinavian style is given by a mix of light, neutral hues, natural woods, and pops of pastel accents. Then, Japanese style is constructed from stained or light coloured woods surrounded by attractive additions in the black shade. To get a Japandi room, you may make a mix of dark hues and light woods and monochromatic accents. If you want to have some vibrant touches in the space, you may give a touch of natural feel like some house plants. Adding a timeless black-white light coloured wood is a great idea to make your room more fabulous and comfy.

Choose Furniture of Both Styles

Clean lines and functionality are the focus of both Scandinavian and Japanese furniture. There are some differences between those two styles. Nordic furniture is usually done light-coloured, while Japanese furniture is stand out with darker shades and more elegant shapes. Try to mix those styles of furniture, some pieces from one form and then some from the other. Do not worry to use different shades of wood, both curved and straight lines because they will be tremendous and catch an eye.

Add Statement Accessories

As both Nordic and Japanese are functionality addict, you may not see so many accessories in both of spaces. If you want to bring Japandi style to your space, adding a view statement accessories is a good idea. Choose it carefully. Go for natural touches such as plants to make your space more stand out. Such a design fit both styles. Another idea is to make accents with natural materials such as chic, stone. Put the bathtub on a large stone slab with a raw edge may become a great idea for your bathroom décor. For the other spaces’ decoration, you may put some stone stands everywhere you like and put something on display.

A Room Consists Of Sofa With Cushions, A Chair, A Stool, And A Wooden Table With A Comfy Stool

A Black Bed Placed Near A Black Chair And A Lamp In A Wooden Floor Room

Some Comfy Sofas With Cushions And A Wooden Table With Pots On It Placed On A Rug Near A Cabinet With Books Inside

A Bedroom With A White Bed And A Large Windowsill

A Room With Some Chairs And Stools, And A Table Placed On A Rug

A Room Consists Of Some Frames On The Wall, A Black Table With Some Black Chairs Around It, And A Black Lamp Over It

A Wooden Wall Bathroom Features A Black Bathtub On A Stone And A Black Sink

A Round Coffee Table With Some Cups On It, Some Chairs Around It, And Two White Lamps Over It

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