Decorating Ideas for Feminine Living Room Style

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Feminine style is the opposite of masculine form in which living room décor can be in that perspective. There have been some people who tried to get their living room scream feminine appeal all over. A space that is feminine will be fresh, cute, sweet and of course very inviting. Calm can also be considered as one of the characteristics of female décor. It will not be too hard to get the job done in dealing with lady-like decor since there are more ladies’ things and stuffs out there compared to men’s.

Vintage, glam and modern style should be the focus in decorating a living room in the feminine form. All those styles areas are bright and rather dull. Regarding the colors at the start or the canvas in painting the living room, several options are available. Red, purple, pink along with metallic and pastel tones will all do the job. Surely combining those colors will make it even better. Neutrals can be considered to be the best pair to enhance those colors for this feminine approach in decorating a living room.

Getting into the main pieces of a living room, the sofa is a must. This is the main feature as well as the focal point of the room, so it has to be the most feminine piece. Neutral sofa is the safest option since it can go well with other things later on. The more suitable alternatives to consider will include a pink sofa, lavender sofa, blush and purple sofa. Shiny metals or metallic accents can be added to the couch to enhance the feminine appeal further. Small accent pillows should be fluffy with soft upholstery for the better of the décor.

Meanwhile, a coffee table is the pair for the sofa that can be in glass surface with gilded legs for the safest option. Otherwise the shades of the woman like white, pink and lavender will do the job there. Ottomans can also be added whenever needed as long as the look of them is in the same scope as the coffee table. Main lighting fixture within the room can be a nice piece of crystal chandelier with several smaller accentuating lights around the area. Alteration of shooting style accents can be very suitable for decoration and function. It is so easy to get the fresh looking feminine décor for a living room as long as everything is the right option.

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