Concrete Pieces of Furniture and Accessories for Trendy Decoration

Round Star Wars Style Concrete Planter

Adding particular pieces of thing in any interior could create different flair than before. Concrete is known for its strength while also durable at the same time. It is used in many ways within home décor as well as architectural matters. So, there is nothing wrong at all in incorporating concrete within any interior décor. It may not be easy at first, but at the end, the perfect combination of concrete and other things will look nice.

Sinks and bathtubs are the most common things made of concrete. Tubs made of concrete can be durable when coated with the proper material at its surface both inside and outside. It can only be left as it is without any color as long as the protective layer is applied. It can be in round, square, or rectangular shape of concrete bathtubs. Furthermore, the sink is also pretty standard to be made of concrete. Some people love to alter its color although some others like its original grey color. It can be used in a kitchen or a bathroom with other materials like wood and metal. It will work just fine in various styles of decoration.

Several pieces of furniture can be made of concrete as well. Tabletop will be a favorite thing to be made of concrete. It has to be ensured though that the legs are strong enough to support the top surface of the concrete. On the other hand, concrete blocks can also be used as the legs of the table. They just need to be appropriately arranged and then the surface only has to be placed there to form a table. It can be dining table with solid top or bedroom side table with concrete blocks legs. The look will be sweet at the end.

Smaller pieces of thing to accentuate interior decoration can also be made of concrete. Commonly there will be pots, planters, and vases in various sizes made of concrete. They will be happy to be combined with excellent plants and flowers. Even jars can be made of concrete by using metal jars as the sculpt. Lights socket covers will also be beautiful to be made of concrete. In respect to this matter, there have been so many tutorials of DIY projects in using cement to create various accentuating pieces in interior decoration.

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Round Star Wars Style Concrete Planter

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