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Natural Touches in Minimalist Holiday Home

Styles of a home might be very various. It can be minimalist, modern, industrial, mid-century, and so on. This time I would like to talk about a home in minimalist style. If you love minimalist style, you probably want this eye-candy outside of New York City which is designed ...

2 months ago Karina Dalman

Interior Design

Minimalist Apartment with a Great Lake Views

Some people like a minimalist dwelling to their choice. It is a great time to share with you about a minimalist apartment. This minimalist apartment is pure the best. The best creativity and ideas of Vladimir Radutny have been given to renovate the apartment using a restrained palette to ...

2 months ago Katarina Erdmann

Interior Design

Bringing a Barn Style to Your Home

Many of you may answer rustic, cosy, and charming if you are asked to describe a barn house. Not having a barn house does not mean you cannot have the style in your space. You can reproduce a fabulous barn-style interior by yourself. Here some inspiring ideas and some ...

2 months ago Marianne Hausmann

Interior Design

Japandi Interior As a Design Idea

Japandi (some people said as Scandinese) is one of the newest décor trends at this time. Do you know about Japandi? Japandi was born of the mix of two styles; they are modern and rustic Scandinavian and traditional elegance of Japanese decoration. It is not a surprise if the ...

2 months ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

Swedish Apartment in Blue with River Views

Spaces with Scandinavian touch usually look in traditional black, grey, and white with natural touches. This time we are going to share something different. We will share a Scandinavian apartment which does not look as usual. This three-room apartment overlooking the city of Gothenburg, Sweden is located on the ...

2 months ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

Using an Antique Desk in Your Interior

Vintage and antique touches and furniture are trendy for any style of interior, from industrial to minimalist because they make the space refined and give it a charisma. Designers never late to use vintage items to create home décor more stand out. Sometimes, using only one old thing is ...

2 months ago Marlis Wendland

Interior Design

Smart Ways of Using An Apothecary Cabinet In Your Interior

There’s a hot decor trend popping up in the home decor, and it is an antique furniture piece to make a statement and add a sophisticated touch. It is not only for vintage or refined interiors but in modern spaces vintage furniture also looks even more eye-catchy and cool. ...

2 months ago Sophia Horkheimer

Interior Design

Home Office in Feminine Touch

Feminine spaces are lovely! It’s smooth and soft, or thick and vibrant. They are stimulating us to get many inspiration every day in creating and designing. This time, we are going to discuss feminine home offices for you who like to work at home and need a cozy space ...

2 months ago Regina Grothmann

Interior Design

Making Home Office of Your Own

Do you like decorating a space by yourself? This time I will share you with a masculine home office. Working at home needs high comfort, concentration, and style, for sure. All of those things should be realized if you have a home office with some male touch. Besides choosing ...

2 months ago Heine Grau

Interior Design

Black Walls for the Elegant Look of Your Space

Black is a color that never goes wrong. Black is a color that never is gone in time. It fits in all room styles and can perfectly blend with every shade. You can use it in any space you want, from your kitchen to the kids’ rooms. Black is ...

2 months ago Ole Haselrieder