Interior Design

Enhancing White Rooms by Adding More Interests to the Décor

Interior decoration in white is recommended to deal with small space. It helps make s small space look bigger by reflecting the light. Any interior space done in white décor will look so bright and airy while also being timeless. It could be a bit boring at some points, ...

5 months ago Fiona Untermann

Interior Design

Wooden Slope House with Large Tree Inside

A house can be designed in any possible way to look unique without compromising its function at all. Thus it is true that creativity is among the key elements that should be there within any project of house designing and building. There is a unique house with lots of ...

5 months ago Genoveva Hamburger

Interior Design

Unique Apartment Design Featuring the Beauty of Unfinished Elements

Any space of living will always be unique in many ways depending on the owners of the space. Every homeowner will have their taste and preference in creating their ultimate living space. Commonly artist will be incorporating their creativity into the design and décor of their houses so that ...

5 months ago Gertrudis Eisenmann

Interior Design

Amazing Ideas to Create a Décor Statement Using Mirrors

Mirrors are not just functional as parts of dressing up space or makeup corner. It is widely known that there are so many advantages in using mirrors within any interior decoration. Thus it is common that various styles of interior decorating incorporate mirrors to boost both the look of ...

5 months ago Heine Grau

Interior Design

A Beautiful Traditional Japanese Architecture Inspired House

Anything can inspire the architectural design of any house. Such things from the past can even be inspiring for today just as traditional Japanese architecture style. Incorporating classic style of architectural design to build a residential house today is a unique idea. Erin Stetzer and Suyama Peterson Deguchi have ...

5 months ago Hilda Abend

Interior Design

A Duplex in Contemporary Design and Décor with the Thermaic Gulf View

In an area known as Thessaloniki of Greece, there is a beautiful looking duplex in its contemporary design and décor all over it. It has its space spanning about 1,000 square feet with a wonderful view of Thermaic Gulf as one of the attractions to enjoy within its space. ...

5 months ago Katarina Erdmann

Interior Design

Luxurious Style Home Décor in White with Welcoming Atmosphere

Creating a welcoming atmosphere and vibe in an interior space is not that hard at all. Incorporating a perfect combination of colors and stuff all together will helpful in creating a warm atmosphere with inviting and welcoming vibes. White will be the recommended tone to use when trying to ...

5 months ago Marvin Reitter

Interior Design

Glass Walls and Brass Details Combination a Beautiful Apartment

Dealing with apartment decoration is always tricky since the available space highly limits it. It can be outstandingly beautiful when the decorating is done properly by combining just the right things within the décor. There is a beautiful apartment in Tel Aviv that combines glass and brass elements within ...

5 months ago Max Schott

Interior Design

Modern Décor of a Paris Home with Color Splashes and Artworks

Modern décor in any living space does not necessarily plain and less colorful. It is highly possible to add splashes of color in neutral based modern décor for the sake of getting the better appeal of the decoration. There is a rather colorful décor of a modern home in ...

5 months ago Max Schott

Interior Design

Two-Volume Design of a Houseboat with Lots of Timber

A decent looking house in a two-volume design has an unusual shape. The house is called Houseboat which was done by Mole Architects with its location in southern England. It is close to the sea with the view of Poole harbor to enjoy. The Cambridge based architecture firm has ...

5 months ago Monica Himmler