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Highly Functional Utensil Holder from Kohler Named Lift

Within the fast scope of home furnishing and interior decoration, there are so many popular brands all over the globe. They have the common purpose of delivering the best possible items that will make the life of their customers easier about daily routine. Well, aside from IKEA, Kohler is ...

5 months ago Wanja Henzler

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Unique Lamp Design by Yukiko Morita

Adding unique decorative items to any interior décor is such easy way to get the better of the décor. Today many items are unique while also being so functional rather than decorative only. One of the most common items that can easily be found to have unique appeal while ...

5 months ago Max Schott

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8 Best Table Lamps in Cool Designs to Have Today

A table lamp is not just important as a lighting fixture but also as a decorative item. Some designs of table lamp area so unique that they could enhance the décor of the interior where they are placed. Today there are many choices to consider with only some of ...

5 months ago Monica Himmler

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Eye Catchy Acoustic Modules by FilzFelt

Creating such cozy atmosphere in a living space is important. It is a considerably tricky matter to do without having the right ideas about it. Such thing as creating a cozy interior is often so crucial during fall times. One of the easiest ways to get the job done ...

5 months ago Ole Haselrieder

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Creative and Unique Design of Binary Lamp with Solar Power

It is unquestionable that some homeowners prefer to have unique items in their houses. Even in deciding the decoration style to adopt they will think about the uniqueness of the décor. Well, that is pretty reasonable that they do not want to have the same décor as others. Fortunately ...

5 months ago Walpurgis Hegeler

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Colorful iris Swinging Chair Made of Nylon Bands

Adding colorful touches to any interior décor can dramatically transform the look of it. Some styles of decoration will greatly be improved by adding colorful items. Today it is easy to find items in the colorful finish to be mixed with various styles of interior decoration. Furthermore, multi-functional items ...

5 months ago Wanja Henzler

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Pin Lighting Collection by Designer Ichiro Iwasaki in Simple and Minimalist Appeal

Many homeowners today love to have their interior to be finished in minimalist style. Despite the minimalist look, it seems to be having its attraction compared to other styles of interior décor. The minimalist style is considered to be the perfect style for today’s houses and apartments in very ...

5 months ago Gregor Wassermann

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Futuristic Pendant Lighting Named Saturn to Represent a Clock

Decorating any interior with the so-called modern style alongside some futuristic touches is considerably popular today. Sleek looking décor is favored by many homeowners since it emphasizes simplicity to look beautiful. Thus there are many furniture items as well as interior décor related items in futuristic design out there ...

5 months ago Fiona Untermann

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Smart Design of Metal Botanical Planter

Adding a touch of nature or more in any decoration is always a nice idea. It will easily refresh the overall look of the area as well as refresh the atmosphere. Furthermore it is actually easy to don in which so many options of planter, pot and vase can ...

5 months ago Emma Honigsberg

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Brixton Spot Lamp of James Bartlett is Inspired by Victorian Architectural Designs

Anything can actually inspire anyone to create something. That is a cliché in which it really happens that way in many ways. Ideas can suddenly popped out of nowhere in a sudden moment that lead to great discovery and invention. Many items related to interior décor are definitely created ...

5 months ago Adelar Moritz