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So-Sage Lamps, Bring a Real Food Nuance in Your Space

Many designers get some inspirations from anything and everywhere. They can get inspired by a natural thing, the habit of a group of people, or many others. Nowadays, many designers also can design a piece of furniture from food and drink inspiration! The furniture and lamp design based on ...

7 months ago Lore Blumenthal

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Boho Scandinavian Home, a Unique Chic Home

This time, I would like to talk about a boho home. It is not the ordinary one, but it is a Scandinavian boho home! This amazing home belongs to Malene Birger, a Danish fashion and interiors designer. This home is full of creativity touch, and it looks very chic. ...

7 months ago Marlis Wendland

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Minimalist Three-Legged Stove Chair, Simple and Very Functional

People nowadays are often looking for furniture which is very functional. Lack of spaces makes the dwellings becomes smaller day by day. Having functional furniture becomes a necessity to fit in small spaces. Therefore, the more practical the furniture is, the greater and more popular it will be. Many ...

7 months ago Max Schott

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Cardboard Lamps And Lights for a Chic Look

Cardboard is a robust but soft, ubiquitous and underrated item and it is accessible to a source. That is why it is said as a tremendous recyclable material. It also can be used to make furniture and lamps. The decisive point about this piece is that it is easy ...

7 months ago Marvin Reitter

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Ways to Turn Vintage Chests And Trunks into Home Decor

Using a vintage thing in your home as decoration will make an excellent statement with low cost. You can get them from the flea market for cheap, recycle it, and turn into a real showstopper. It is a good time to talk about some ideas of using vintage items ...

7 months ago Max Schott

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Stylish Radiator, a Gorgeous Useful Thing

In the middle of cold winter, keeping your house warm is a must to make yourself comfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to have a radiator in your home. This time I would like to talk about stylish heaters that will not ruin your décor and keep you warm during ...

7 months ago Nick Lasch

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Livelier Your Space with Living Walls

Nowadays, many things are used as decoration to beautify houses and spaces. One of them is living walls. Living walls are very popular at this time to be an idea of honor. Living walls have a magic touch that can add unique style and make your space livelier freshly ...

8 months ago Marvin Reitter

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Adding Pinboard, a Decoration with Multifunctional Use

The pinboard is a smart idea for many people. For those who are creative and need some inspirations and plans for their works can write down or display something that becomes a stimulus in their searching of inspiration on the chic pinboards. Not only that, for those who just ...

8 months ago Emma Honigsberg

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Xanxan Shelf in a Modern and Dynamic Design of Shelving Unit

A shelving unit that will mainly provide storage spaces can surely be more than just functional. Modern furniture items are known popularly for their beauty alongside practicality. It means that the functional aspect of the items is there without compromising anything in term of the design and the appeal ...

8 months ago Franziska Breslauer

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Soft Bean Bag Chairs in Colorful Finishes for Maximum Comfort

Bean bag chairs can always be decent additions to any living space of any residential house. Well, it is considered to be a highly comfortable option of seating in a pretty minimalist appeal. Surprisingly it can even enhance the beauty of any interior décor when properly chosen. It is ...

8 months ago Albin Neuhaeuser