Furniture And Lamps Designs of Flora Inspiration

For you who are looking for an item that can add floral and greenery touch to space, you come at the right time. In this time, I would like to share some cool items that you can grab for decoration. This is a MOOV lamp designed by Berlin-based Studio ...

11 months ago Gertrudis Eisenmann


An Unique Furniture Series Based on Rorschach Psychological Tests

Are you an anti-mainstream person? Are you a person who like something unique and unusual? Do you like to have something extra ordinary? You come at the right time. Having a unique item in our space is a need since our space’s look will be spruce up and can ...

11 months ago Emma Honigsberg


An Amazing Modern Cork Furniture

There are four season which have to be faced. They are spring, summer, fall, and winter. Every season has its own specialty and something that we need the most. We need to have the right furniture in our house during the season to make us always feel comfortable and ...

11 months ago Adelar Moritz


The Pylon Metal Chair

Are you a person who are anti-mainstream? Are you a person who like something unique and extra ordinary? Are you a person who like to be looked different? Today’s topic will be a really good news for you who are looking for something different and extra ordinary. Are you ...

11 months ago Nick Lasch


Colorful Bo-Em 006 A B C TV Unit

A TV becomes a need because it can be one of the entertaining sources. Yet, a TV is not only becomes an entertaining source, but also it can be used for another thing. A TV can be used for the presentation viewer is a meeting. It can be also ...

11 months ago Karina Dalman


Phase8 Speaker, the Lunar Shaped Speaker

An impressive point sometimes becomes crucial to add a space because it can be a way to get the relaxing atmosphere. For you who like listening to music, a speaker can be an item that important to be had. By having a speaker, you will not only get the ...

11 months ago Marvin Reitter


Bring Maximum Comfort with the Sling Hanging Chair

Everybody needs seating items. It is not a must anymore, but a need. A comfort seating items are crucial since the function of seating items are to be the items where we sit on. We use seating items in almost every activity like working, eating, or even relaxing. Therefore, ...

11 months ago Regina Grothmann



Furniture becomes a need for everyone. People always need furniture to be placed in their spaces. It can be their dwelling, offices, or other areas. Furniture is very functional. As long as the growth of technology and sense of arts, furniture is designed in various shapes, colors, and looks. ...

11 months ago Heine Grau


Dividi Chair, a Smart Functional item

Lacking space becomes a problem in this era. Many people just have small dwelling or small areas. Therefore, they cannot have significant furniture to help them save the spaces. Functional furniture is a must in a modern interior, especially for tiny spaces. In the contemporary interiors, every item has ...

11 months ago Gerold Redlich


Ocean Memories, Bring Home Your Memories of Ocean

Designers and architects can get inspiration from everywhere and everything. They can get fantastic and great inspiration from nature, food, or many other things. Quality is one of many inspiration sources that can give so many inspiration for designers and architects. In this great time, I would like to ...

11 months ago Emma Honigsberg