The Geometric Design of Manet Easy Chair of Marta Szymkowiak

Adding even just one unique furniture item in any interior space could really deliver an impressive result. The overall feel of the décor will easily be changed even just by a piece of a lighting fixture or a chair. Well, today there are many unique items of furniture that ...

7 months ago Katarina Erdmann


Unique Sinks to Catch Everyone’s Attention Instantly

Just a piece of sink can be the focal point of bathroom decoration. There are many options to consider when it comes to the bathroom sink. Many items in different styles can be picked to complete both the look and function of a bathroom. These options are the unique ...

7 months ago Lore Blumenthal


Parallel Universe Furniture Collection in Minimalist Style by Henri Judin

There have been many ideas of minimalist furniture that can still be eye-catchy pieces in any interior space. Well, the fact that minimalist décor has its fans in numbers today is one reason that there are more and more options for minimalist pieces of furniture. It is true that ...

7 months ago Marvin Reitter


Unique Design of Stools to Enhance Any Modern Space

The stool is definitely a versatile seating piece that can be placed anywhere in any space. Thus it is true that no home that may not be having stools inside. Even for modern spaces, there are just the right pieces of stool to add. There is the Zolstera stool ...

7 months ago Sophia Horkheimer


Porada Modular Collection of Wall Units of Storage Solution

Storage units of today are looking good since they will have their part in boosting the beauty of any space of their placement. Obviously then the design of modern storage solutions will not just be within that current scope. There have been unique options of storage units only as ...

7 months ago Wanja Henzler


Best Options for Dog Homes for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

A dog is a common pet in many residential houses. It means that the comfort of the dog itself should be given attention. A proper dog home will be needed to ensure that the dog has all the support it needs to be happy at all times. Well, these ...

7 months ago Wolfram Schulberg


Flora Noir Collection of Furniture by Marcin Rusak in Moody Style

Moody style of interior decoration is considerably a hot trend today. More and more people have just preferred that particular style of décor for some of their spaces. Well, there are some decent pieces of moody furniture as well just as the collection of Flora Noir by the famous ...

7 months ago Monica Himmler


Best Desks for Kids with Eye Catchy Design and Bright Finish

Amidst many furniture items within the market there are some of them designed or kids. Obviously kids will need to have the right piece of furniture to be able to make use of it to support their activities. A desk is definitely a crucial piece of furniture for kids ...

8 months ago Gertrudis Eisenmann


Unique and Playful Collection of Furniture for Compact Homes by Lanzavecchia + Wai Duo

The so-called PLAYplay collection of furniture has been released by the design duo of Lanzavecchia + Wai previously. Yet it has been renewed and refreshed lately to be even better than the initial release. Well, the basic idea of this uniquely named furniture collection is to fit the needs ...

8 months ago Max Schott


Best Cat Homes and Beds for Modern Space

Pets are inseparable parts of humans so that they should be having their own corners in any living space of humans, right? Well, it may sound awkward but it is true that there have been some brands creating specific items for cats in form of furniture. There are even ...

8 months ago Marianne Hausmann