Flora Noir Collection of Furniture by Marcin Rusak in Moody Style

Moody style of interior decoration is considerably a hot trend today. More and more people have just preferred that particular style of décor for some of their spaces. Well, there are some decent pieces of moody furniture as well just as the collection of Flora Noir by the famous ...

1 week ago Monica Himmler


Best Desks for Kids with Eye Catchy Design and Bright Finish

Amidst many furniture items within the market there are some of them designed or kids. Obviously kids will need to have the right piece of furniture to be able to make use of it to support their activities. A desk is definitely a crucial piece of furniture for kids ...

1 week ago Gertrudis Eisenmann


Unique and Playful Collection of Furniture for Compact Homes by Lanzavecchia + Wai Duo

The so-called PLAYplay collection of furniture has been released by the design duo of Lanzavecchia + Wai previously. Yet it has been renewed and refreshed lately to be even better than the initial release. Well, the basic idea of this uniquely named furniture collection is to fit the needs ...

1 week ago Max Schott


Best Cat Homes and Beds for Modern Space

Pets are inseparable parts of humans so that they should be having their own corners in any living space of humans, right? Well, it may sound awkward but it is true that there have been some brands creating specific items for cats in form of furniture. There are even ...

1 week ago Marianne Hausmann


Best Picks of Resin Furniture Items to Have for Dramatic Décor Accent

Adding a dramatic accent into any interior décor may just be easy when using resin furniture. Fortunately there are some of the best items to get immediately for those who want to bring a top class piece of furniture made of resin. Take these items into consideration for purchase. ...

1 week ago Wanja Henzler


12 Items Multi-Functional Hybrid Furniture Items on Wheels

Practicality is a highly important aspect of human life today. People have been focusing on items that can deliver better use to support their daily routine and activities. In relation to that the fact of smaller living spaces trend is promoting clever ideas of multi-functional furniture items. Many brands ...

1 week ago Wolfram Schulberg


Unique Furniture Collection of Tropel Inspired by Sierra Madre Occidental

Many possible themes can be incorporated in designing and creating furniture items that could both look beautiful and highly functional. Many brands of furniture items have been trying to deliver the unique collections featuring unique ideas like no other. One of the decent examples of such items is the ...

2 weeks ago Wolfram Schulberg


Modular Furniture of Movisi that Looks Like Pieces of Lego

Customization is always a thing that many people love to do. Things that can be customized easily upon their purchase will attract more people to buy. Obviously the benefit of customizing things as mentioned is to suit different needs of the things. Well, in term of furniture items some ...

2 weeks ago Wolfram Schulberg


The Most Comfortable Rocking Chairs to Buy Today with Cool Designs

Highly functional furniture items that can offer more than just practicality are getting more and more popular today. Various items come with a pretty unique and daring design without compromising the basic function that they should offer. Even in the choices of rocking chairs today, there are some of ...

2 weeks ago Walpurgis Hegeler


UM Project’s Storage Units Collection in Strangely Unique Design

Unique items of furniture can be incorporated to enhance any interior instantly. All types of furniture can be having some unique options aside from the common ones. Today there are many designers and manufacturers with their unique ideas creating unique furniture items in many forms. The simplicity of modern ...

2 weeks ago Marianne Hausmann