The Black Lake Collection of Furniture and Textile by Klaus Haapaniemi & Co

Ideas and inspirations could be anything concerning creativity to create something. This one collection of furniture and textile from Klaus Haapaniemi & Co from London is an example of that matter. The main idea of this collection is actually Iceland as described by Bjork. Obviously that what really makes ...

7 months ago Marlis Wendland


Best Choices for Functional Home Office Desks to Have

Setting up a home office means that there should be a desk to support everything needed to be done at it. The desk should be highly functional to make sure that working at home will be enjoyable without any problem at all. These are all of the best options ...

7 months ago Albrecht Schulhoff


Highly Functional Portable Lamps to Have Today

Buying functional items is crucial to maximizing tight living space. It even includes lighting fixtures that should be as functional as possible. It could be even better with a decent design and shape to help to enhance the décor. Well, these options of the portable lamp should be taken ...

7 months ago Marvin Reitter


Hottest Cribs and Cots in Style with Ultimate Functionality

Furniture items are not just for adults or even kids. Even babies need certain furniture items that fortunately there are some hot choices to think about. These are some of the hottest cribs and cots that can deliver both functional purpose and style aspect at the same time. Well, ...

7 months ago Gregor Wassermann


An Armchair Named Ben Hur with the Design of Roman Chariots

Bringing old stuff to the new times is a kind of trend today within the scope of interior decoration. Many designers and manufacturers of furniture items have tried to bring many ideas from years ago to the modern world. Modern dwellings can always be enhanced even by using a ...

7 months ago Regina Grothmann


Puzzles Inspired Ubik Furniture Items by Nexa Interiores

A furniture collection or a combo could offer a better functionality over individual pieces. It is common for designers and manufacturers to create a set if some items within a collection to make it easier for everyone to pick and use them. There is this highly functional furniture collection ...

7 months ago Ole Haselrieder


Modern Daybed Options at Its Best for Modern Space

Modern style is a highly popular one in internal decoration matter. Many homeowners love it because it is easy to get done for a beautiful appeal within any interior space. There are many modern furniture options as well that include some of the best modern daybeds. Opening the list ...

7 months ago Adelar Moritz


Circulum Shelving Unit to Make the Most of Any Space

The modern dwelling will commonly need to deal with limited space in term of its floor surface. It means that not much of things can be placed right above the floor surface. Well, many furniture items will definitely need to be placed on the floor in which it could ...

7 months ago Marianne Hausmann


Beauty and Practicality of Modern Desk Lamps of Various Brands

A desk lamp is not just a functional piece of thing in term of lighting, but it is also a decent addition to any décor where it is placed. Thus many companies and designers are trying to create and produce unique looking table lamps that remain functional while also ...

7 months ago Marianne Hausmann


Uncommon Design of Sideboard to Create Décor Statement in Any Space

Back then a sideboard was known as a credenza. It was so popular years ago while today its function may not be that essential as it was. Yet it turns out that a sideboard in unique design can really be used to create a kind of décor statement within ...

7 months ago Emma Honigsberg