Bold Touches of Black Bathroom Walls


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The bathroom commonly has a small space. Regarding that matter, dark colors including black are not recommended to be used in a shower. Dark colors will not be suitable for small is since it makes it feels even lower. Yet, black is also a timeless color to use. Regardless of the decoration style, black can always be incorporated either a little or a lot. So, it is actually okay to use black in bathroom decoration as long as it is appropriately placed and used. Painting the walls in a bathroom in black is going to be a radical move. It can also be the game changer to elevate the bathroom décor to the higher level than before.

In order to create a focal point of bathroom décor, creating a statement wall is a must. Thus that is the place for the black paint to come. Black statement wall can be on any wall in the bathroom. The best one is to go to the shower area. The bathtub will not be black for sure so that black statement wall there will do the job. Surely it will be the start to create a moody bathroom décor. Regarding the way to get the black statement wall there, it does not have to be through paint. Stone can be considered to be a decent material for a bathroom wall in black. Even tiles can be used as long as they are black.

Entirely the opposite, several black walls can be there in a small bathroom than just one statement wall. Just be sure to leave one wall in other tones to accentuate the decoration inside the toilet. When several black walls have been done there, the rest of the ribbon should be in brighter shades. Such thing will help to improve the décor of the bathroom. It is really crucial to have the best lighting possible when there are several black walls in a bathroom.

Even with the black wall, a small bathroom can be so inviting and beautiful at the same time. The secret is in the additional pieces within the decoration. The more minor fragments of bright metal tone will help to outline the black walls. In the end, the ornament can always be helpful within the scope of moody style with modern flair. It is clear that even black can be incorporated into bathroom décor as long as it is done correctly.


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