Best Ways to Beautify Black Wall in Kids’ Room

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It is known as friendly advice that kids’ room should not be dark. The use of vibrant and bold colors is recommended to make sure that kids love the room. Vibrant colors will also stimulate better responses from the kids when they are used in the bedroom for the kids. It is a popular belief that dark room will be gloomy which is not good for kids’ room. Well, depending on the ways to make use of black in kids’ room, the result could be so different from one another. So it is true that there are proper ways of making kids’ room stand out while incorporating black color all over it.

So the main idea is to avoid using all black color for the walls. It inevitably will darken the room and add gloomy atmosphere to the office. Combining black wall paint with other colors on one side is recommended. The specific pattern can be incorporated to smoothen the mixing of black and different colors. The black-white in mountain pattern can be an example for this thing to get done. On the other hand brush strokes of other tones over the black wall will also be uniquely interesting for kids’ room.

The next idea is to go for chalkboard paint on the walls. It can be one side of the walls or several of them. The main rule stays the same that it should not be the entire walls of the room though. Chalkboard paint will create an effect of chalkboard so that the wall can be used the place for the kids to write and draw anything using colorful chalks. Apparently, it is an excellent idea since it is pretty functional at the same time aside from just being decorative. Be sure to go for the high-quality chalkboard paint so that it will last for an extended period.

One last idea is to create a statement wall or a focal point wall in black. It commonly appears in adults’ bedroom although today it is more and more popular to be found in kids’ room as well. There is just one side of the wall to be having the best appeal than the rest of the walls. Black statement wall could be in all glossy black tone or certain patterns and prints for the better suit. Usually, there will be wall lamps on it to highlight the wall itself.

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